Jan 25, 2013

If it's Friday....

It must be movie night.....

 Each Friday night,  I go to the movies with 3 other ladies, thought I would share some of the films we see~ Tonight it was "The Impossible"  with Naomi Watts, Ewan McGregor, Tom Holland, Oaklee Pendergast,  just to name a few....  This is the true life story of a family who survives The Impossible~   make sure you have plenty of kleenex!

A few of the movies from the past few weeks...

Zero Dark Thirty:  needless to say,  it is very intense ~ I really did not want to see it,  but glad I did.

The Guilt Trip:  I laughed till I cried,  kept thinking about taking a trip with my son Ian.

This is 40:  Full of silly moments,  some stupid,  but laughed a lot.

Lincoln:  Really good,  another history lesson.  Daniel Day-Lewis should win all the awards

Argo:  Great movie,  hope it wins some awards.

Life of Pi:(3D)  Intense & so much more than what the previews showed,  one of the best movies of the past few years.

Silver Lining Playbook:  Mixed thoughts between us gals,  I thought it was OK, 
I think I expected better.

The Session:   It was very disturbing to me ~ Saw a naked Helen Hunt too many times. 

Maybe Friday Movie review will become a regular feature,  now go out & see a movies!

Have a wonderful weekend & Stay Warm

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  1. HI cheryl
    thanks for the movie list and your input. We last went to Les Miz oh my gosh what a tear jerker but we both LOVED it. want to really see Lincoln and Argo I love Ben Affleck.


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