Apr 21, 2013

Gardening with the Grands

Well,  Sorta....

Have you seen the little Fairy Gardens or the Moss Terrariums that 
everyone seems to be creating?

I have & just love them, 
I've always liked little things,  so moss under glass fills the bill on that....
the other day while I was taking spring photos at Carmalot
[previous post]
I spotted some of the soft little green stuff growing between the bricks
on path that leads to the bridge over the pond.....
[that sounds like the words to a song]

Since it was a day full of sunshine,  
I brought a few supplies over to Mandy's 
to do a little Gardening project with my Grands...

When I arrived,  the girls were cleaning up their bedroom,  
so I had to wait awhile,  even went in to help out a bit....
after that,  this Bubbie took 
Memphys, Emersyn & Miller 
outside to look for Moss & do alittle planting

holding up the supplies 
 misting the peat moss they just put inside
 was that a Bug?
 Eme digging up some moss
above is the finished garden,  after the photo 
we put the lid on the end & took it inside to hopefully
continue to green & grow...
below are the little gardens I planted the other day,
they are greening up so nicely...

I think the kids had a fun time,  Miller lost interest real
quick & went to driving his trucks over the lawn,
Memphys promised to water it every day, which
I promptly told her it won't need much water at all
Eme,  was just Eme....
I didn't follow the special rules for growing moss that
I've recently read about,  like specific soil & charcoal,
for now,  I used just what I had...
if these continue to grow,  I think I will read up on them
& also order some different kind
which I see are available on eBay

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  1. I think gardening is a great thing to to with kids. Your little moss gardens came our great! I did a fairy garden last year and need to try a moss garden next. Hope you have a great week, Laura

  2. How fun - and I know the kids had fun - my kids love to do stuff with Grandma!

  3. What a special thing for the kids to do with you! I did a little terrarium last year and had months pleasure from having a touch of green in the house during the bad weather.

  4. Kids love gardening projects and watching stuff "grow". Fun fun fun! Hope you have a great week.


  5. What a fun project with the grands! Thanks for your sweet comment on my lilac post.


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