Apr 25, 2013

Georgia on My Mind ~ Inspiration Friday

Since we've had the weather this week of spring, fall & winter
I was thinking  3 years back to my Georgia trip to see family... 

I had the great pleasure of meeting up with one of the 
very first bloggers I had ever visited...
that sweet soul

we met up at the best place ever,  
The Scott Antique Market 
outside of Atlanta...
remembering back & seeing the photos,
it was a rainy day,  but that didn't stop us.....
my niece Jenny came with us that day, 
[she was driving]
 Jen also shares our love of treasure hunting...
we all had a wonderful time
 hunting, laughing & feeling like we had always
been friends...

we both hated having our picture taken,
but Jenny insisted,  
glad we did...
meeting Dawn was certainly a highlight for me,   
I will be back in Georgia this June 
 I am keeping my fingers crossed
 we can meet up again....
a little town letting you know that 
they have Antiques... 
along one of the winding roads,  we just had to 
pull off to the side of the road...
 I wish we could have gone in that old building,
can you see the furniture...

I'm a rule follower,  so this side of the fence is 
where we stayed...

Hope Spring is coming your way,
I'm not too sure

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Have a Beautiful Weekend



  1. Dear sweet Cheryl...it was so, so wonderful meeting you in person!!!! These pics bring back great memories for me too...but I also remember the downpour of rain that day and how my jeans were wet to the knees too! This last visit to Scott's was absolutely amazing, you would have just DIED! There was more inventory there than I've ever, ever seen ~ I guess that's a good sign though, don't you think? And now Jenny has a sweet young toddler and she was just barely pregnant then, right? My goodness, how the time flies by ~ I don't know if I'll visit there in June though, ohmygoodness it will be hotter that ever!!! Thank you always for being such a sweet, sweet friend, hugs and love, Dawn

  2. Hi Cheryl,

    How wonderful to meet a fellow blogger! It's really quite special to sort of know someone by exchanging messages on blogs, getting feedback or advice and THEN meeting them.

    Thanks for stopping by and the sweet comment. Unfortunately, something is going on with my Gmail and my readers' comments are not making it into my inbox! Just saw yours in spam!!

    Have a great weekend,

    Poppy :)


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