Apr 10, 2013

She's Got Wheels

Did you guess that the She's

It has been over 2 years
[Jan 17th 2011]  
I was going to say,  who's counting,  but obviously I  was .....

Isn't She Pretty
I am naming her

Scarlett O'Chera

Scarlett  is obvious, 
 the O'Chera  if you didn't figure it out
is the mix of O'Hara & Cheryl
Corny,  Right...

She is a Teenager,  I can hardly believe that pretty little thing
is 13 years old,   she was kept in excellent condition, 
Bonnie [previous owner] was not very happy when she realized that 
"Scarlett" will be spending her nights outdoors,
you see,  this car was never left out of the garage overnight, 
she may not have made too many Left Turns, either...

I think  I saw tears running down Bonnie's face as We drove away.....

I am Over The Moon about having Wheels,   it's been so long since I could
Get Up & Go

I am so Grateful to Family & Friends for always taking me
 where I needed to go,  luckily I only live around the block
from the Post Office & lots of little strip mall stores,  like
the Grocery store....

Now tell me,
isn't she a Keeper?

I am so Thankful for "Scarlett" 
She is truly a God Send for Me

I've had so many Blessings in My Life lately....

Thank You Jesus




  1. OHMYGOODNESS!!!! I SO feel you girl!!!! And am SO VERY HAPPY for you too!!! I've been without a car for over a year now and it is totally killing me...your new girl is just GORGEOUS!!! Sending you big ol' hugs sweet Cheryl, enjoy you new car and losing weight too!!! I just dug around to find a post tonight as I've not been too productive today :) ~ love you much!!!! Dawn

  2. Congratulations! Yipee! She is a thing of beauty and found a home where she will be loved!

  3. She's beautiful and you are going to be one fine lady driving around town! Oh the places you'll go...

  4. Glad you got some wheels that run! Looks pretty nice and well kept.


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