Sep 6, 2013

Lord Hear Our Prayers

I love that I have a moment to stop by to say

Life has been normal,  calm & now a stressed filled
ball of emotions....

So many Prayers are being given for my nephew Morty in Georgia
who is the husband of my dear niece Jenny 
Mom & Dad of 6 beautiful kids.
Morty has now been in the hospital for 10 days with a high
fever,  and many more symptoms....  He has had scans, biopsies
and much more,  Leukemia has been ruled out,  but lymphoma is
still in the mix...
If that is not stressful enough,
My Cousin Angela's  Hubby Ken is in ICU,  with  internal bleeding
they are having a rough time getting his Blood Pressure under control
to even start testing,   this man has cheated death many times in his 
life from Vietnam,  to 2 Brain Aneurysm  &  Cancer....

I ask if you would
Please hold them both up in Prayer

as for me,  life is going on....
I shall be back soon




  1. Holding them up in prayer, Cheryl, and prayers for you, too- xo Diana

  2. Prayers going up here for them and their families. May they find healing and peace in His love.

  3. oh Cheryl I am so sorry sending prayers for your family. May God watch over all of you.

  4. Cheryl I will stop & pray for you & all your loved ones right now! Sending love!


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