Oct 1, 2013

Welcome October

I am loving this sunshiny 1st day of

My favorite time of year.....

below you see just a few of the mass of stuff that
I spent 70 hours last week going thru....

I ran an Estate Yard sale last week for a friend,
last Monday when I arrived,  the garage was filled
to the ceiling with furniture & boxes stuffed full

It took all week,   this was around the 2nd day when I took
these photos,  and never had a moment to take anymore....

The Black Desk with the metal top is going to be
my new work surface,  I just have to go pick it up
and then carry it upstairs,  which is waiting till my
back & shoulders stop hurting.....

Too much lifting of very heavy boxes & furniture....

The Sale was very slow,  sold alot,  but the area
we were in did not warrent high prices,  so
.25  cents here & a $1 there.

Nice thing,  I was able to take anything I wanted
to sell on eBay,  so the Floral Hooked Rug
you see in the last photo is currently on
my eBay

 going to be my new work table
 1 of the sweet hooked rugs - this is now on eBay

I think it is time for a little nap,
70 hours of hard work last week is still
taking it's toll!

be back soon



  1. Nice to see you here, Cheryl. You are right- that was a LOT of work you did there- xo Diana


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