Dec 7, 2013

"Snowbody" to Love.....

Yesterday was my 
Friend Bonnie's Birthday,
she's the one I helped do a moving sale
for about 6 weeks ago...  
 I am one who can Never pass up
fun old pieces of "Stuff"
 like the metal Celebrate sign
 the old tin Jello Molds
 or that Hot Water faucet handle
all gathered from her Sale....
with her fun bits & the pieces I had
like the little Powder box
that I used as the head 
& the Glass bead garland
I used around the middle to represent the arms
which was a Pottery Barn garland
 from several years back
 my Sister was going to
toss because it had a broken area
 & was losing beads
I'm not saying I'm a Hoarder of an type
unless there is a category for 
Arts & Crafts Hoarding
in that case I could be the President....

A little of This & a Bit of That


You have a cute little "Snowbody" for somebody to Love 

P.S.   Bonnie has only seen a photo,
the glue for the glitter "Snow" 
wasn't dry enough,   so I'm dropping 
"Snowbody" off  later...

I think she'll love her/him



  1. How cute is this snowman made with this and that. You are so creative.

    xo Danielle

  2. Hi Cheryl!! just put your adorable snow-angel out in the kitchen. He'll be making his appearance on the blog soon, I love him to pieces!!! hope things are well with you! xoxo

  3. Cheryl, You are one creative and clever girl! I never would have thought to assemble all these treasures into one, hunky snow buddy!
    Hope this finds you and yours happy and healthy.


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