Mar 10, 2014

The 3 Bears

I have spent all day listing on eBay,
still being without a computer
I get to spend the day at my daughters
using her computer,

today it normally takes me only a 
few hours to check all my emails,
FB & a wee bit of blog checking

but today it has taken me many hours,

besides listing the 3 little bears that I created this week,
I decided to try to ship Internationally on eBay,
so trying to figure all that out took ForEver.

If it turns out to not help & be a pain in my
Brain and backside,
I will rethink

Anyway,  I sure do miss being able
to blog on a daily basis

I miss visiting all you wonderful
blogging friends & seeing what you've been up too!

I hope your weather is starting to get
more Springish

we have tons of melting snow
on this
50 degree sunshiny


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