Apr 7, 2014

Elvis and his biggest Fan

My Cousin Angela
is a Gigantic 
Elvis Presley fan....

She lost count on how many times
she saw Elvis in her life...

Each year she went to Las Vegas with her
Dad & went  Every Day,  Every Show

She is even in a Movie of Elvis
which the name of the film I can't remember,
but he kisses her and a friend that was with her 
on stage (in the movie)

The Stories she has,  the wonderful photos
Priceless Memories

Last weekend was her 
60th Birthday,   

She & 2 of our friends took
a long weekend trip 
to Memphis Tenn.

Can you believe she had never yet been to

I was suppose to go with them,  but last minute
changes prevented me from going


I thought the best thing to give her for her
Special Birthday

Elvis Bearsley....

I wish I had the pictures of her
when she was opening her gift 
on Friday night at Red Robins for Dinner

I think she cried

I was quite pleased with the way he
came out,  I was really amazed at 
creating his Elvis Hair 
from a  little square of an
old furry hat....

(Bonnie is holding her little
Downton Abbey Dog Replica)

I had a very busy week of Stitching


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