Jan 15, 2015

an OMG moment...

A before nightmare
I want to put behind me...

Hopefully this post & photos are the before with an after quickly followed.

This past year of no internet & no blogging was not a do nothing year,  it was filled with both creative moments and back breaking work...

Lots of fun stitching projects for profit and gifts with the most important being the Bridal Garter I stitched for my Niece Ashley's  Wedding 
[That will be a separate post when I get the photos]

The back breaking was several Estate sales, 2 of them being for the same family 
Both held within a month...not to forget that I also injured my knee doing many stairs with heavy boxes, having to use a cane at the Wedding.

Now to get to the posted photos

The room pictured is my work room / studio which as you can see is a Mess!!!!

There's not much work or creating happening lately, because of the mess in there.
This room used to be my bedroom but in the summer I switched my dining room and bed around.  I only have AC as a window unit in the kitchen, so I'm much cooler sleeping in the dining room and decided to keep it this way since its just me up here.

All those boxes in my studio are supplies for creating or vintage treasures left over from the Estate sales....

Boy, it sure takes me a long time to get to the point...

So here goes,
Where in the world do I begin
? ? ?



  1. I say that same thing about my studio every day lol...

  2. I feel your pain. Good luck in there. I have my garage to tackle. My unheated garage. Hmmmm, maybe in a few months. lol

  3. HI, Cheryl
    Nice to see you! We all go through these kind of days, where we don't know if we are coming or going. Hopefully, we are mostly going. My studio looks a bit like yours. I am slowing buying three-tierd, see-through storage drawers, and it has taken me almost a year to get where I am. Everyone in the family wants to use my studio as a storage room, so I try to prevent that by getting rid of boxes when I empty them into my new storage bins, so the boxes don't take up room on my studio floor.
    Sounds like you kept yourself very busy with the estate sales, and the wedding. My, oh, my! We do what we gotta do! (I was an elder care giver for my mother-in-law for almost two years, so I know where you are coming from.) No rest for the wicked or for the good! Ha!
    Teresa in California

  4. Hi Cheryl!!! I love that you are back! YAY!!!! So glad you got your card! I think of you often!

    Girl you have lots of treasures! It would be fun to poke around in those boxes :) I am glad to hear you spent the year creating and busy! And sounds like you are in organizing mode now! I LOOOOVE organizing :) It'll be fun to see some posts of goodies you have made!

    Hope your body is getting all healed up too! Knee injuries can be so debilitating! Take it easy on those knees girl!

    Thanks for sharing with me about the tearful days when your son left...I can totally imagine...It's gonna be soooo hard when that day comes...I mean I get sad when I drop them at school for a day! Sending you love & I'll pray over you right now too Cheryl!

  5. Well, one box at a time...so its all over the place now...been there a couple months ago. Decided to do it right before the holidays.
    Are you still living in the same place and why? Isn't that guy still creepy? Girl, if you move you could start all over! LOL


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