Apr 27, 2015

Estate Treasure Overload?

Am I Swamped?

In a good way

I had an old friend call me last week to ask if I was interested
in looking at a home full of Estate Treasures,

Of course the answer was YES....

I still have another load to pick-up
my car is Still  full

I love that little metal child's chair

 That's Fiestaware from 1 box, 
I have 7 more to open

 I have a 6' 1950's Silver Christmas tree
that goes along with the Ornaments

I Love the Hairpin Legs,   going to unscrew from that
piece of plywood.

All this is going to be sorted, cleaned & listed
lots of Craig's List,  eBay & Yard selling
coming soon

Looks like I'm going to be very

My daughter's think I in over my head,

I won't admit it to them,  
I am Overwhelmed!!!!!


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  1. Looks like a mother lode to me! Glad you got so much good stuff!


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