Oct 20, 2009

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Just thought I would share with you some photos I took today while at work..... Yes, this is the home I work at ~ a 5 acre parcel in the middle of the city..... I am a caregiver for a lady with Alzheimers, this is Her Home..... usually there are 5 Deer - 8 point buck, small buck & pictured are the 2 babies from the spring a doe & buck & the front one in the pic by the pine is the Mom.... EnJoy

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  1. What a gorgeous place! Autumn is such a pretty time of year. Thanks for sharing. ; )

  2. Hi Cheryl. OMG ~ what a beautiful view to look at, that is if you get time. Fall's my favorite time probably because we get so little. Those deer are beautiful. It really makes you closer to God just seeing the beauty of nature.
    I hope you have a blessed day & weekend...Tracy

  3. What a gorgeous place Cheryl!! You are an angel to have that job sweetie...My favorite color? Vanilla, Brown, Sage.....the colors of old...:) xxoo, Dawn

  4. What a beautiful place to work! The creation in all it's splendor! The single tree - the colors are amazing!

  5. It is like a small park. That must ease the moments when working with your patient. The family is very lucky to have you.

  6. Wow!!!! This is a beautiful place. I would like to say thank you for taking the time to visit my blog. I know you are a wonderful caregiver by the caring words that you left. I hope you have a wonderful week.



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