Oct 24, 2009

What a Difference a Month Makes.......

Today is a very cold, blustery & rainy day in Michigan....
To My Delight, I remembered I had taken these photos just a month ago....

Nice Sunshiny Day

Firemen doing their training exercises

I just happened to be in the Perfect spot at just the right time
Have My Camera.....



  1. Gosh that sky is such a bright pretty blue. During the summers it when it's so hot here in Fl it seems like the blinding sun makes the sky look washed out. I just love it when fall comes and it brights back up like you photo.
    Have a wonderful Sunday...Tracy

  2. That rainbow is amazing! So beautiful.
    Love your fall photos too. I am thinking that my dad was born in Dearborn, Michigan , but I need to check that out and make sure. Small world!


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