Dec 7, 2009

eBay ~ or ~ Etsy ? ? ?

What Do You Think???

I am wondering which is better, or is it

I have been listing on eBay for Many Years,
mostly My Vintage Collectible "STUFF"

My One & Only experience on
was Not a Good Outcome.....

I had listed a Mannequin - Dress Form that I had
Created from a Metal Form,
Sold it, or at Least someone clicked to Purchase but
after Non Payment & No Response to My Emails

after a few weeks, I was at least able to get My Fees Returned.....

I know the Fees are much greater on eBay
But, can someone please tell me, is the invoicing automatically done when
someone clicks the item to Buy it on ETSY?????

I felt like I had No idea what was going on.....

Anyway, Here is one of the Fun Items I have listed on EBAY Today......

New OLD STOCK of some Wonderful
Woven RIBBON ~ TRIM.....

I picked this up at a recent Estate Sale of an 88 Year Old Lady
who I was told was an Excellent Seamstress & Crafter.....

Check it Out.....

Vintage Ribbon ~ Millinery Trim.....


  1. The ebay/etsy question is a tough one. It seems to me that suppliers do well on etsy, but all etsy success comes from listing, relisting, and keeping your shop fresh. (I'm not very good at any of those

    Etsy has tried to address some of the non-payer concerns, such as having a button you now have press that says 'commmit to buy' so lookers don't just fill up there cart with items they don't really plan purchasing. I'd say for the cost it may be worth jumping into etsy again.

    One note- I think Etsy has some rule about not listing the same item in two places, not sure if that would effect you or not if you sell on Ebay too. Not that you can't sell on both sites you just can't have the same item listed on both unless you really had two to sell(?).

  2. Don't know the answer to the Ebay, Etsy issue, but that ribbon is gorgeous. I would have been in heaven at an estate sale from an 88 year old seamstress! Lucky you! Are you sure you can part with it all? (Okay, I have seen pictures of your craft room, hehehe!) Good luck and happy selling!
    I guess, I never go on Ebay, don't have an account there, but I go to Etsy way more than I should...

  3. guess my daughter was logged in!!!

  4. I cant add anything at all about Etsy but I have sold in the past on Ebay. I love the advertising display and the ribbon. Isnt it a blast going to estate sales...I just went to one a couple wks ago and picked up a plastic santa. I have a space at an antique store and Ive never had so much fun working this business. Ive been scrolling looking at your the old pictures.Brings back memories of my sister and I. Love your blog.sally

  5. Though this is an older post, here's my take...
    I'm an Etsy girl. I love the ease of purchasing what I want, as opposed to the bidding process on Ebay. Buyers pay the seller directly, and fee's are much less on Etsy. I've bought and sold on Etsy for the past few years and I've never had any trouble at all! The only draw back as a seller is that you won't have two or three people out bidding each other, but if you price your items for what you really want for them, that isn't an issue... especially in this economy.


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