Dec 11, 2009

Trying to get in the Christmas Spirit.......

Just Can't seem to get into the
Spirit of Christmas....

Been trying to list lots of stuff on eBay
This Wonderful #'s Santa by
Leo Smith ~ Gift Giver
I listed tonight on eBay

(sorry My Link won't work)
User Id ~ zanymayd

I do have the boxes out to Decorate, but can't believe the Lack Of Energy, So No
Christmas Decor Up Yet....
it is all I can do to Drag Myself to Work ~

Would Someone Send Me Some Energy ~ Please


  1. Get a couple pine boughs and greens, some luxurious ribbon for pretty bows, then light some candles, listen to some Christmas music and sit back and relax. You have had a rough couple of weeks, no wonder you don't feel like dragging out boxes! Just forget them for a year, they will be there next year, waiting for you as usual! Hope you are able to get into the spirit! I don't feel it's Christmas unless I have beautiful Christmas music throughout the house...
    Take care of yourself!

  2. Hi Cheryl. I'm right there with you. Poor thing, I know just how you feel. Christmas is my favorite time and I'm so happy for those who are enjoying it. Unfortunately that's not the case at my house. I would love to see my ornaments and hate to miss of year of the beautiful of Christmas but my Son & his family are in NY, my MIL & N just don't give a crap (excuse me) and I just can't do it by myself, too many years I've done it and no one cared but me. Wish we were closer in miles maybe we could pull through it together & I'm sure our spirits would lift. Kate sounds like she's got the right idea. Hope it lifts your spirits if I didn't ruin it.

    Merry Christmas. May it be a blessed season for you. Hugs...Tracy :)

  3. Cheryl, i too have found myself completely uninspired this year though i'm really trying. i just decided to enjoy other people's holiday cheer and relax. there are no "Christmas police," so why not make this year simple and focus on the positive, such as the hardly any clean-up 12/26 and the coming new year!

  4. Thank You ~ Kate, Tracy & Janean....
    I have decided to take Your Advise & Be Simple this Christmas Season.... Since it is Just My Cat & Me who live here, I have repacked the few things I started to take out & put the Boxes Away, Till Next Year ~ I go to My Daughter & SIL to Celebrate with My Grands & My Other Son & Daughter so No Need to have a Festive Home here, I am Watching Lots of Christmas Movies on TV & Netflixs & listening to My Christmas Songs on My Blog ~ I am sitting back with Hot Cocoa with feet Up & EnJoying ~ Thanks for the Permission to Let It Go!
    Merry Christmas to All


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