Feb 3, 2010

A Little Peek ~

Thought maybe you would like
a little peek inside the place,
I call My Studio....
it's just a wee corner
but you can see my newest Treasure
I bought a few weeks back from a resale shop
it was marked $9.99
which I thought was a steal,
can you imagine my surprise when the girl
only charged me $5.00 at the register, that's right
it was
1/2 Off !

That Wonderful Vintage Blue Box with 3 Levels for storage for Supplies & "Stuff"
you all know that I Love Stuff.....
Can't wait to Fill It Up

Now for the girl on the wall, it is a Pastel Portrait of
when I was 9 years old.....
My family was on vacation in
Gatlinburg Tennessee

The guy who did the portraits was a newer Artist back then....
When I dug this picture out a few years back,
I thought I would google the man
{I was thinking maybe he was dead by now,
you know how when your 9, a 25 year old Looks So Old}

anyway, I emailed him & He Responded to Me
That Portrait today would cost
Wow ~ I know it was alot less back in the
day, since My Folks had 4 of us done....

But I do Love it
{I Hope My Brother & Sisters still have theirs}

Check Him Out ~ He is a Famous Artist

The Old Family Picture on the right, is My Great Grand Parents
Home in Laurium Michigan (U.P)
My Grandmother is in the front & was about 9 at the time
so this Photo is from @ 1909....

Hope You EnJoyed a little Corner of My Life.....

Now off to wash dishes


  1. Cheryl,
    That is too COOL that John De La Vega did your portrait. How funny that you thought to google him, that would never occur to me. Now I'm going thru all of the pastel drawings from Six Flags looking for signatures! You were a cute kid too. Love your little corner & your great blue case, leaves me wanting to see more. Lisa

  2. Hey friend....Thanks so very much for sharing your little studio with me today. Mine, too, is just a little cubby hole in my library/TV room but that should never stop up from our creativity. Right??

    I'm always glad to stop by and see what is going on with you.



  3. hi Cheryl,
    I immediately saw the sweet picture of you on the wall! You are so lucky that you have that. My parents had all of us girls done in pastels awhile back. They hang in my parents living room and my kids make fun of me all the time... Kids, gotta love them! Love your new blue suitcase, looks like you will have fun filling it up! I still move all the lovely treasures that you gave to me around. I keep finding even better places to display them! Hope you are feeling better! (You must eat healthy...) As I sit wishing for yummy chocolates, but don't worry, I don't have any, so I will eat healthy with you tonight! I actually need to be saying the same thing to myself. So I will... take care, have a great weekend, get some good rest!


Thank you for visiting... Have a Happy & Creative day ~ Cheryl