Feb 5, 2010

Welcome to Black Friday..... No. 1

Love my Old window that was a gift from
My Niece ~ Baby pics of My Kids
This Old Cabinet use to be a Built In
taken out of an old house with the Original Hardware
(I picked it up- Curbside)
I painted it Black ~ now used for Supplies

My Kitty Elliott may Not be Vintage, but He is Black & wanted to be in the photo...


see you again on Friday March 5th


  1. Hi Cheryl, great way to use an old window, the photos are darling, Great cabinet, and ooohhh, I love Elliot. He's a handsome guy!
    Have a wonderful VBF!

  2. Love how the window was repurposed ... perfect for your "babies" pictures! And that cabinet sure was worth salvaging ... looks like is was meant to be black all a long!

    Cute kitty ... I think you should get him in all of your future VBF posts ; )

    Thanks for playing and spreading the word!


  3. I like you craft cabinet!!
    I have painted black furniture too, with shiny glass knobs~Nothing says chic better than touches of black, I think~ :)

  4. Cheryl,
    I am so loving that black cabinet that you use for your supplies! That is so cool, I am so glad you took it with you when you moved. It is too precious for someone else to just throw away when they update.
    PS- have a great weekend!

  5. Yes Elliott needed to be in the pic! Cutie! What a cool way to disply your pics! Love it!!! I finally put up your little gift on my blog...sorry it took so long! And a few of the little cards got worn out in my pocket :) But I now know a little more scripture :) So I left them out of the pics since they look a little ratty now :) But Thanks again Cheryl! That really was a fun surprise!

  6. What a neat idea for the window! I keep eyeing a stack at a junk store near here...hmmm
    I absolutely love that cabinet! It is so pretty! Sweet kitty-bo too!

  7. I can't begin to count the number of times I have taken a picture only to find my cat had snuck in. She so loves the spotlight. Really, the cabinet was curbside? Good score.

  8. Love to hear story of rescued treasures. Great job. I see you just joined my girlfriends following and was wondering how you found me? Curious like a cat you know ;-)

  9. Hey Hun. Don't you just love those curbside finds. I have been seen many times trying to lift and shove something in the back of my explorer. Perfect name for my car by the way. The picture frame looks great with the kids photos. Those kitties always have to get in the picture but that's okay because they're irresistible.

    Thank you for visiting me again. I just love hearing from you.

    Smiles & Hugs.....Tracy :)

  10. Isn't it funny how the cat always steals the show~ Elliot is adorable. Curbside treasure are the best!!! Yours is a pretty good haul I would say. But don't you always have the moment of "OH NO - how am I gonna get it home in the Honda?"It could be 750 lbs. but somehow we always manage. thanks for stopping by.

  11. What a Wonderful BLACK FRIDAY you have!!! Thanks for sharing friend.


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