Feb 8, 2010

A Sunny Monday ~

What a Gift, A Bright Sunny Day & it's a Monday
We have been so use to Gloomy, Grey Days
Here in Southeastern Michigan
[Historic Dearborn, the Home of Henry Ford]
I just had to stop what I was doing
[ok, getting off the computer]
Head outside to the Beautiful Blue Sky
Can you tell I live in an Upper Flat ~ the tree you see there
is right in front of My Living Room Window
I always think of this as My Tree House in the Sky......
Can you see the Airplane heading to
Detroit Metro Airport
[about 7 miles away]
Yes, I am in the landing path, but No Noise
[even the Amtrak Train the runs in back of the Homes
across the street is pretty quiet]
Well, Have a Wonderful Sunny Day......

{Breaking News ~ not to rain on My Parade, but there is a Winter Storm Warning issued, we are suppose to get 6-10" of the White Stuff starting tomorrow}

I am OK with this, as we have missed almost every Major Snow Storm this year
In Fact I think we are Under Our Normal amount....

So Today it is Sunny & Beautiful
Let It Snow

Spring can't be too far away


  1. Beautiful blue sky...ours will be fluffy and white again tomorrow night. I am liking the blue more.

  2. I was loving the sunshine today too! As for the storm, I'm ok with it as well, I mean we DO live in Michigan, right?! My kids want to go sledding and build another snowman and everything we have now is too frozen and frankly just not enough for them! Stay Warm ~ Theresa

  3. Don't worry, I am getting all your snow!!! School was closed early, and my kids are lazying around. It was wonderful to see your pretty blue sky, and green grass. I can't even get out of our driveway! What pretty blue you had in your sky today! I hope you don't get snowed in too badly the next couple of days. Stock up on yummy soup! It somehow makes everything better.

  4. Thanks for sharing your blue skies with us. Here in TX it is dreary and rainy AGAIN. Ten day forecast is more of the same! Oh well, all the rain will surely make everything pretty when spring arrives.

  5. Hi Cheryl
    Me again.. I just left my comment on your Silver Sunday.. I am a bit slow this week..

    Well .. I usually prefer to live in the top apartment.. I don't currently.. [and annoyingly].. the world always seems much brighter from up there.. good luck with the storm!! xx Julie

  6. I described yesterday's sky as impossibly blue and your photos prove it! Beautiful!

    I found your link on another blog and had to check it out because I love your blog name! I'm now your 70th follower. That's a good round number!

  7. Can't go wrong with a sunny February day!

  8. Hi
    I saw your comment on Jo's post and thought I would stop by and see you. Sunny days in February are so appreciated aren't they? We here in VT have missed many storms this year too but we still have the snow on the ground from November anyway! I think I will check your etsy next. God Bless! Meg

  9. The blue skies are lovely!!
    I long for them to visit over here!!


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