Feb 10, 2010

Certainly A White Wednesday

Taken at 2:00 am ~ It seemed so bright out
Love the Glowing SnowFlakes

My Sweet Vintage Patio set ~ will be ready for Spring when the Snow Goes
The Snow is still coming down
It seemed almost as bright in the middle of the night
Big difference from Monday's Sunny Day
But they called this one right
My Sweet Little Memphys
has her first Snow Day of the Year.....

well, at one point I do need to get out & shovel a little bit
I actually only have to do My Stairway & porch area,
The Downstairs Dwellers, do everything else
(remember I live in an upper flat)

Looking Forward to Spring.....

Next week, I promise some Vintage White ~ Not Snow
Stay Warm Today Everyone


  1. Very pretty photos! Stay warm. ~ Angela

  2. I just think everyone must have gotten snow in the US in the last two weeks... It's so lovely in all the photos, but I'm really enjoying the blue skies and sun today! Here in Charlotte, NC we are just getting blustery gusts today!

  3. Beautiful photos of the snow falling. Thanks for playing along today and stay warm.


  4. Hi Cheryl! We did get alot of snow, my kids are loving their snow day, sledding, building a snow fort and ofcourse hot chocolate. Sounds like the good life doesn't it! Thanks for stopping by, Theresa

  5. I love the snow!!! it just makes everything so much prettier......enjoy!

  6. Hi Cheryl,
    Wow what a diference a couple of days made in your world. Those night shots are magical. I won't even ask what you were doing taking pictures at 2 am. I am always up around 3:30 am too. I love the hush that comes over the world when it snows.
    Thank you so much for coming buy. It made my day so much brighter.

  7. I love the way the snowflakes show in your pictures. What a winter wonderland!
    How I wish it would snow here, if it did that would be super weird but it has happened before just not this late in the year.
    Bundle up and enjoy it.

  8. Hi Cheryl,
    I was thinking about you all day today, wondering how you were fairing with all your snow. The pictueres you took at night were lovely with the glowing snowflakes! Beautiful. Hope you didn't have to go out. Sounds like it was a day to hunker down with a good book and some great soup!

  9. HI Cheryl.... love your images of the snow - can't get over how much you guys in the northern hemisphere have had this winter .... your poor patio!!!!
    Thanks so much for popping round to Vintage Rose Studio

  10. Great shots of all that SNOW. It's bueatiful to look at. But I hadn't lived in it before. Spring will soon be visting. Have a great day. JULIAN


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