Mar 18, 2010

Another Favorite thing

My daughter Nikki
colored this Angel in 1st grade

another Treasure I am so happy to have saved

I am away from Home & Computer, so I tried to schedule a Post of 2 while I am away....
I am visiting My Niece Jenny & Family
in Georgia....

as I stated in another post when I left, I am meeting up with
one of My Favorite Bloggers
"The Feathered Nest"

by the time this post - Posts,
I will have proof of it on my camera
will share all about our Treasure Hunting,
When I return

Be Back before Easter


  1. Gosh, I wished I had saved more things like this from when my kids were young...but I moved so often taht they just got thrown away I guess. Sad to say.
    This is MOST DARLING....I too am HAPPY for you having saved it...and sharing with us.


  2. You just enjoy every minute of your vacay! And love your sweet angel. I wished I have saved more drawings than I actually did. So sweet!


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