Mar 26, 2010

Home Sweet Home

Scott Antique Market ~ Atlanta
meeting up with Dawn - The Feathered Nest
a real Zebra at the Rescue Farm outside Helen, Ga
my great niece Hailey helps out there
Loved this old truck ~ taken on the road
Fun Rooster at My Brothers House


Trying to Rest Up ~ I always thought Vacations are suppose to be Restful.....

My first day home, I went to lay down for a little nap
16 Hours later, I woke up

Lots of unpacking & Photo organizing to do,
here's just a few, more this weekend

Just Happy to Be Home


  1. Girl, you must have needed some SERIOUS rest,
    16 hours, wow! Wish I could do that.


  2. yikes! you must have been seriously
    sleep deprived.

    love your blog!

  3. Welcome back....we have missed you. Rest up now, I know vacations can be exhausting.

  4. Such fabulous photos! Looking forward to seeing the rest! ~ Angela

  5. cheryl,
    I know you & Dawn rocked the mall hard, now I wanna see the stuff you scored! I'm glad you had a fun time, we missed you! Lisa

  6. I enjoyed your your brothers fun rooster!!!! Gerry

  7. Love the nest in the celluloid compact! How sweet!

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