Mar 6, 2010

It's getting closer.....

Only 3 more days till I fly off on a big airplane to Atlanta.....
I am Not crazy about flying one bit, but I will get there quickly
plus, my Old 1991 car would never make the long drive

I was taking a break from organizing & packing to see what the
weather was like this morning

I walked outside to the Beauty of the Sun & all its Shadows

I had to run inside to grab my camera

it is only 38 degrees out & you can see in the flag shot that there is still
snow, but doesn't it Feel Warm in the Pics



  1. It does! Gives me hope!!! :)

    Now you just go enjoy yourself & don't worry about mailing me! Really you have too much to do before your trip! I am in no rush & just enjoy my visits with you! Hope your flight goes well! I will try to remember to pray for you that day! Take care!

  2. Hey Cheryl. I want you to go and have the time of your life! Pamper yourself some too. I know you'll have more fun than you can stand with Dawn. I can't wait to see what goodies you come back with.

    We'll miss you and I'll be saying a prayer for you. God speed Dear Friend. xxxooo's...Tracy :)

  3. Have a wonderful and safe trip. I am a nervous flyer myself, but when the destination is for fun, it seems to help. Take along a really engrossing page turner book. It helps me.


  4. Have a wonderful trip. I enjoyed your photos today, you have a wonderful looking place!
    Thank you for your visit this week, and for your lovely comment!
    Hugs, Cindy S.

  5. It does look warm in your photos, great pics!

    Sending you prayers for safe travel. Have a great trip!

    All the best,


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