Apr 27, 2010

Messy Work = Treasures

I sure miss sitting here for hours & visiting All My Blogging Friends

I will be back Soon, I Promise ~

Here are some of the Wonderful Treasures that I have unpacked & been able
to take home.....

over the past few days, I have Filled & Hauled out
47 Bags out of this Old House
we're talking construction grade 44 gallon size bags.....

I still have 2 more bedrooms to clear & one closet ~
so at least another 2-3 days of work

I just hope that the Furry thing that ran across my path yesterday,
stays away..... from all the mousie Poo, I know He has Buddies!

I'll show more treasures in a day or 2

Back to Work I Go.....

Miss You All


  1. Oh my goodness! I am so glad that everything is going to a good home!!! Lucky girl, but looks like hard work!

  2. I'm seeing lots of good treasures in these photos. I hope that furry thing you saw doesn't come back! ewwwwww!


  3. the furry thing will probably be moving to the neighbors soon! that's what happened to us once when a neighbor lost her house, she could have really been on one of those new hoarder shows! but all the mice just moved! but you are finding some great peices, hers just all went in a big dumpster! thought about going through it when i saw some great old fisher price toys being thrown away that were in perfect condition, but couldnt dig through all the other real garbage, yea mouse poop!!! what a blessing though they have you to help.

  4. I spy with my little eye some things I need! Great stuff!


  5. Thanks for stopping by today. I like the bird cage. Have a goood day...Julian


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