Apr 25, 2010

What A Mess ~

When I say Mess ~ I Really Mean MESS

[Warning - These are Not your Average Pretty - Treasure Hunting Photos]

Not as bad as a Hoarder
But close enough too

an Entire house to go thru
My Cousins Mother in Law died last month
she had been
homebound for many years ~

I volunteered to Help clear out the House

My Cousin & I hauled out 32 - 44 gallon Construction grade
garbage bags just today ~
just the living room & part of the kitchen

Rubber gloves & masks were part of Our Attire
(let's say, Lots of Old Mouse Poop)

I am tired ~ but it was Interesting,
will be heading back in the morning, by Myself.....

Not only am I getting paid hourly ~
there's alot of Treasures that I will be able to list
eBay or Etsy.....

Now for a Long Hot Soak in Tub


  1. All I could think about when looking at your photos was all the possible treasures inside.
    Good luck with your cleaning. You should have seen my Mom's home when she passed away. Oh my.



  2. Can I just say WOW! Good luck as you continue cleaning and treasure seeking.

  3. Why is that many old folks seem to collect so much stuff, and never part with any of it? Do you think it is because each thing is a treasure with a memory attached, or because they know they are ticking down on time and want to cling to as many of the things of life as they can?

    I wonder???



  4. You deserve a bath after that! Wow! I hope you found some treasures!

  5. I am so thrilled that you are not only getting paid, but are treasure hunting at the same time! Can't wait to see your finds!

  6. Just a comment on why "Old Folks" save so much stuff. After suffering the depression, the memories of doing without are still very alive in our elderly population.

    My grandmother saved string and used tin foil till the very end.

    Our throw away society would due well to heed the wisdom of our forebears. We don't need as much as we buy and we should repair and reuse those things we do need.

    Of course "hoarding" is a clinical condition, that I deal with in my business often.

    One of the things I love about blogging is finding like minded souls who "rescue" treasures, keep them from the landfill, and reduce and reuse.

    I'm confidant that many treasures will be unearthed as well as much more junk. Keep those trash bags handy and the masks secured. Hantavirus is bad stuff.



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