May 14, 2010

A Peek at more Treasures.....

I have been working hard to clear out
"The Messy House"

only 1 room left to do.....

Here are some of the Many Bins, I have brought Home

Problem is, My Place is Very Small ~ What the Heck am I going to Do
With All this Stuff

I Already had a Ton of "Stuff "
Now I have

I'm beginning to Lovingly think of My little place
as the "Messy Place Minus the Mice"

I guess I need to figure out Which Treasures I'm Keepin
what I will be giving up by listing on Etsy & eBay



  1. Hi Cheryl
    Look at your wonderful treasures:))) I was thinking about you the other day, I am spoiled I got use to hearing from you. Thank you so very much for checkin in and sending warm wishes. You are always so very sweet. Also I did NOT know about the Nutra sweet affects. Thank you very muchf or sharing that with me. I have made so many diet changes and that will be my newest one.

    Hope that you are doing well my friend, thanks for the sweet comments about my son. Yes I am blessed about his daddy and I.

    Have a very terrific weekend.

    it was so great to hear from you!!!

  2. I spy some wonderful treasures in those photos! I also thought your WW post was very witty! Thank you for stopping by and have a great day!!

  3. I can live with a messy house minus mice, that sounds reasonable! But if you feel you must get rid of your treasures, I'm sure you'll find many of us willing to take them off your hands!

  4. Hi Cheryl~
    Love your new background! Super cool. A whole different side of you, now I am going to think of you and the blues (not those blues...)
    I am still amazed at all your goodies from the messy house! It's better than Christmas! So lucky!!!

    Good luck, and sometime I will get back to blogging, I just don't know where the time goes now!


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