May 18, 2010

White Wednesday in Storage

if any of you read my blog, then you know I had a Messy situation going on
in My Little Place.....
(earlier post confirms with photos)

I have been diligently working to Clean & Clear My Mess
{which to my defense is because all of the Treasures I
have brought home from "The Messy House" I have been clearing out!}

This is the point where My Storage Room is Now...
Still more to do.... but Much - Much Better!

I actually took every single thing out of this small room, which is off the living room,
so for 2 days, my living room had No Living going on in it, you could not move....

My Grands Hand Prints & a Cross I given when I was a little girl

an Altered Cabinet on Etsy & just a bunch of silks
stuck in a vase....
an old milk glass punch bowl
metal enameled
enameled which I store my Bees Wax

a stack of wall stuff that I need to hang on Storage
room walls
(too late to be hammering nails - I have downstairs neighbors)

far corner is Black Bags of packing peanuts
and all my actual storage & priority boxes

Calling it a night....

PS..... I'm still grounded, but will be back the end of the week, with more
Cleaned Up Photos !


  1. Gorgeous photos, Cheryl. Happy WW to you too. Hope you're not grounded too long. :-)

  2. Hi Cheryl,

    Looks like you're making tremendous progress!


  3. Looking good. I have one of those rooms and if I ever get a second I'll get it organized.

    Thanks for the info on the snowball bush. I have a few other bushed that will do that, but not all. I've tried some that don't work.


  4. Gorgeous pics! I really love the neutral silk flowers you stuck into a vase, just the perfect colors to go with all the whites!

  5. I knew you wouldn't last long!!! Love your whites! I have a love affair with enamelware, so that one is my very favorite. I am hoping to add to my collection more this summer. Garage sales, here I come!

  6. Too funny ~ I am doing the same thing. It must be what they call "Spring Cleaning" . Piles everywhere ~ someday soon it will be perfect. And like everyone else ~ love the enamelware.

  7. Too bad I don't live closer because I adore organizing. Good thing too since I earn my living at it! hehe

    Anyhoot - keep at it, you'll come out the other side.

    Love your new sidebars- very zany


  8. Hi Cheryl, Thanks for stopping by today. I like the picture of kitty. Have a good day...Julian


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