Aug 30, 2010

The Heat is on . . .

Hopefully for it's Last Hurrah


My Heart is set on the Cool Temps of Fall
of course the Beautiful Tones of Autumn. . .

Have a Wonderful Monday


  1. I KNOW!!! I really need it to go back to last weeks temps... so much more comfortable! Have a 'cool' day! Theresa xoxo

  2. Girl, it's been hot again here! We have 77 now but the clouds won't stay today, and so far only a sparse sprinkling.
    It's supposed to break by the end of the week. It's really hard to take when everything says fall is starting and it's 90 plus during the day a 50's at night.
    I've got my hoodie in one had and the sun screen in the other.
    I suppose mother nature can have hot flashes too! LOL
    Have a great day- Hugs- Tete


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