Aug 28, 2010

Oh, What a Beautiful Day. . .

Remember those Old Flip books
from when you were a kid
(at least I am old enough to Remember)

They were the ones that had the Pictures or Photos that were taken
in sequence, when you flipped the pages real quick,
it looked like the photo was Moving

Well, look real quick at these Photos,
this is My living room, you can see the Curtains Blowing in the Wind,
can you almost feel the Warm Breeze
blowing through ~

Hoping the forecast for this upcoming week is a bit off
they say 90 is in are further again ~

I'm ready to Welcome Fall. . .


  1. The breeze blowing in through the curtains is one of my favorite warm weather thing.
    There nothing like laying on the couch or a bed under curtains billowing.
    We are supposed to warm up again, too! Yesterday was so perfect, not too hot not too cool.
    Hope you have a fantastic weekend!
    Hugs- Tete

  2. Almost nothing is as refreshing as standing in front of a window with a wondeful breeze comding thru a room and the house... like this.
    We have a large front window and a large back window that we can open on such days...and I LOVE to do this too...and let the breeze refresh the WHOLE house.

    Thank for sharing your moment with us.


  3. I just love days like that. This morning the air is so fresh and cool. There isn't much of a breeze though. It would be a great morning for a bicycle ride if I could get motivated. Have a great weekend and enjoy the summer breezes. Connie

  4. there's nothing like curtains blowing in the breeze. mine are doing the same thing.
    we are supposed to get the 90+, done!
    C'mon FALL.....

  5. I would welcome a cool breeze right about now.


  6. Oh so beautiful. Just to stand in the mist of the blowing breeze... Beautiful images.

  7. What pretty and graceful curtains you have flowing in the breeze.

  8. Beautiful...I can almost feel the breeze!

  9. I remember these so well, and I love your rendition of this. Your curtains are so pretty. calm and serene. love the lace,

  10. Mind if I come over and just sit there for a while? Love it!


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