Aug 15, 2010

Small Treasures ~ US 12

Fun on US 12
Michigan's Longest Garage Sale
I told you My Treasures were Just a Few...
still, I Love them all
I have been so good this season with setting a limit
of $20 and sticking to it....
Of Course, Just In Case
I have a few $20's set aside
Not counting an Early Lunch with the kids at
Mickey D's
the Late Lunch at
Randy's Roadside BBQ
Irish Hills
My Sweet Treasures Set Me Back


I guess that means I have Extra to spend this next week
while Junking.....


Check out my previous post if you want to see a ton of photos from
Our US 12 Adventure


  1. Wow! Great finds, and great price too! Have a great week. ~ Angela

  2. What fun! Love all the smalls- it's the little things that make life fun...
    Hugs- Tete

  3. OHHH we would have been grabbing for those silver shakers at the same time!!! That's just how junkin goes, when you set out to buy lots it seems you don't find much and then you might turn a corner, see a sale sign swing in and find amazing treasures! Have a great Sunday night! Theresa

  4. You did good keeping to a budget. I try and then I just can't resist. Thanks for coming and seeing me. Florence

  5. Cheryl

    Great finds with the silver WOW and I love the discipline, I do that when I am at the flea. Love coming home with extra cash.

    Have a wonderful week


  6. Good morning! looks like a fun way to spend a day! You found some great "stuff"! You are a brave girl taking the kiddos with you! I've only been to that sale once, but LOVED it! LONG day, but so worth it.

  7. Hi Cheryl,
    You were right down the road from us when you at at Randy's! I love your salt & pepper shakers!

  8. I just love your piece of Americana sign....fabulous. It was fun seeing your finds. :) Lynn

  9. Cheyl,

    I have read about these 100 mile or so garage sales for years. Think I read about one in Country Living years ago. I've always wanted to go to one. What a junkers dream come true! You did good girl, especially sticking with a budget. I'd probably blow the monthly nest egg! I'm very impulsive at estate sales or whatever. Your grand babies look so sweet & worn out in their car seats. So fun they enjoyed it all. Thank you for your sweet birthday wishes to my not so little babies! I was touched so many took the time to leave a comment to them. Lisa


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