Aug 13, 2010

A Very Hot & Long Adventure......

Can You tell, We Wore Them Out.....

Warning ~ Lots of Photos

Nothing is really in any order, I am Exhausted after 9 hours on the road

My Daughter Mandy & My 3 Grands
Picked Me up this morning about 9

We had a Mission

travel out US 12
for part of
Michigan's Longest Garage Sale....

I must admit the Treasure were Few & Far Between
but the Fun we had was

If you find the photo that has the lower part of Michigan Map,
you would see that we traveled about 1/2 way across the bottom
I live in Dearborn & made it as far as Allen Michigan

You can see from the Sleeping Grands photos, that we wore them out
but they were Great,

My Grandson Miller is 11 months old & he never cried a bit
just some sleeping kids....

I will have to take the photos of My Few Treasures tomorrow,
I wanted to get this posted
Go To Bed!

Can you see why we stopped to take this Photo

I think this is a town called Jonesville
think the sign said 1868
She wasn't for sale, but thought she was Pretty
(minus the lights on her head)

It was sure Hot today
88 & 90% Humidity
Allen Town Antique shop

Mandy & Miller

Great Old Barns & Beautiful Buildings

Loved this Old Silo
Emersyn & Memphys
having fun on our Adventure
So Sweet
We started in Dearborn, Lower Right
went about 100 miles

All of these building photos
were taken while driving
used the Sport setting on
my camera
Road side stand ~ Irish Hills
Pulled Pork Sandwich was Yummy, Ribs, Not So Great
I bet this park was fun back in the day ~ looks like it had been
closed for a long time....
had to stop on the side of the road & take some pics
Michigan's Longest Garage Sale
you can click on the title of this post
which will bring you to the
US 12 - Heritage Website

I will Post my few new Treasures

Stay Cool if your like most of the U.S. & Hot
see you soon


  1. Been waiting all day to see how you turned out! Those grandbabies are so adorable and I'm so glad you had a great time. Can't wait to see what you brought back with you.
    Have a good nights sleep- Tete

  2. Looks like fun! My sister, sil, and mom and I used to go saleing for day long events. We haven't done that in a long while now and I miss it. I have suggested bringing it back one sat. before summer is gone. The Irish Hills area is beautiful, haven't been there in a while but I always thought it was so pretty. Can't wait to see what you found! Theresa

  3. Great pics!! Those beautiful grandchildren. You are so blessed.
    Enjoy your weekend.
    Ladybug Creek

  4. Hey Cheryl. Gee, it looks like ya'll had a fun day. And those sweet babies are so cute. How nice of them to let ya'll have fun today. I loved looking at all the photos you took. I know it sounds crazy but I miss seeing the old sharecroppers houses and cabins between Florida, Georgia and the Carolinas. I know everyone wants to clean up the shacks but at the same time it was neat to see them on trips.

    Thanks for stopping by to see me. MIL is okay but very fiesty.

    Have a blessed Sunday. I'm looking forward to seeing what you got today.
    Hugs...Tracy :)

    P.S. I listed a giveaway on Fri, if you haven't enter yet I hope you'll stop by and enter.


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