Sep 5, 2010

Being with Family ~ Priceless

I spent the day on Friday with
My Family at the Zoo

The Day was Perfect, cool in the morning
Skies Blue with Billowing Clouds
High about 75

Everything Perfect......


It had been 17 years since I had gone to the Zoo
always went on the Kindergarten trips with all 3 of My Kids
the last being 17 years ago

I thought with the weather being mild, it would certainly be a great
day to see Lots of Animals
(isn't that the reason we go to the Zoo)

The Giraffes were really the High Light

No Lions, No Zebras, No Monkeys ( I think my son was able to
see the back of a Gorilla in some bushes)
No Elephants, No Hippos, No Kangaroos, No Bears....

So what did we see, if you looked real hard & over a fence, down in
a valley, I think it may have been a Tiger...

I did see a Camel, 2 Rhinos, Some Deer & Penguins in the
Penguin House & a Peacock walking around

We all had fun being together Laughing & Joking around
but as for the Animals at the Zoo ~

I think it will be at least another
17 years before I return.....


  1. It's been a long time since I have been, too. At least the family spent some wonderful time together.
    Too bad for the animals- they missed some great fans!
    Hugs- Tete

  2. you toatlly made me laugh! :) Yeah those zoo trips can be rough :) Glad you had such good company!!

  3. I haven't been to the zoo, either in a long time. Think I'll put it back to the bottom of the list.....but the kids are adorable.


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