Sep 1, 2010

He Really EnJoys

His Spaghetti

This is Miller, My Sweet Little Grandson

He's had alot of 1st this past week

He Started Walking, Finally Cutting His 1st Tooth
Finding out He Loves Spaghetti

[Just like His Mommy at that age]

I can hardly believe that This Little Guy will be 1 year old
this coming week

Time Sure Flies


  1. What a sweet baby boy! My boys used to look just like that eating. I finally put the high chair in the middle of the floor with a vinyl table cloth under them!
    My oldest would then proceed to place the bowl on top of his head when he was finished.
    Fun times...enjoy him while he's so small yet!
    Hugs- Tete

  2. What a great picture! Love it, and Miller is too cute for his own good! My grown son use to look like that when he ate spaghetti when he was little. I love it when our little ones are just allowed to eat "freely" without worrying about the mess!

    Take care, Sue

  3. that is too funny!!!! I have two is going to be 4 and one is going to be 2. It goes so fast!!!!


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