Oct 26, 2010

8-3 = 5 More Days...

I had a chance to get on the computer
while little ones are Finally

Middle of Day 3

5 More to Go

This Bubbie is Tired....

This is Exactly why we have Children at a Younger Age....

I raised 3 of My own
but were they Easier back in the 80's ????

Guess I'm Just Old (er)
and so use to Just Me & My Cat
while at My House

Sorry No Pic ~ don't know how to down load photos
at My Daughters
but do have some cute pics in my camera
I took at the
Cider Mill Yesterday

Went right after the Oldest got off the School Bus
ww had Fun ~ hardly anyone there....

Hope to post again,
Really Missing Visiting all My Favorite Blogs
Blogging Friends

Send Super Charged Energy Waves My Way,



  1. Yes, most definately...YOUNG KIDS ARE FOR YOUNG MOTHERS !!
    But we love them so much we are willing to do whatever it takes to help out and be with them.


  2. There's one thing about kids- they either keep you young forever or they make you old really quick.
    We didn't even thing about it when we were younger- we just did it.
    Sending energy to you- if you get the market- grab some ensure- equate brand is cheaper and do it with your meals. It will keep you going until day 8.
    Remember too- you can hire a sitter for a couple hours of R&R if you need it!
    Hoping no one gets sick and you don't have to hold heads over the toilet- Tete

  3. Hi Cheryl~
    You can do it! You can do it! So good to hear from you, Happy Belated Birthday! Wish I was there to celebrate with you, I could make you feel young again!
    Your grandbabies are going to fondly remember this week. Enjoy it, one more day done!

  4. Tired, yes but I can tell you are having a wonderful time! How nice for your girls that you can watch their kids for them while they go play! No worrys Bubba is here! Enjoy your little ones and when you get home treat yourself to something relaxing! Theresa xoxo

  5. I'm with you, Cheryl! We were meant to have kids in our younger days so that we can enjoy the grands - and then leave them to their parents as we head back home, to blissful peace and quiet.


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