Oct 24, 2010

Off to Make Memories & Cookies

Lady is Out of Here,
Not going far, just the next city over,

But Still,

I am packing My Things....

I'm going to

"Bubbie Sit"

an Entire


with My 3 Favorite
Little Ones,

My Sweet Grands

My Daughter & SIL are headed on a Cruise
Celebrating Their 9th Anniversary
the very first Vacation they have had since being
Married ~
A Vacation Well Deserved....

So I'll probably be MIA from Blogging till about
the 2nd

I know We'll have Lots of Fun, but can already
imagine the Exhaustion after it all

Send Energizing Thoughts, Please!

This Little Guy is just 13 months & in to
These are the Sisters of Little Guy,
The Oldest will be in school each day,
so seeing her off to the bus
then to Greet her at the end of the day,
with the littlest Sis who is 3,
helping me navigate
The routine of the Day....

Lots of Fun Stuff Planned, like making Halloween treats for School,Pizza Night
Maybe venture out for Breakfast on the Weekend....

I must admit,
this has been in the workings
for a year now
from the beginning,
I was alittle Worried about whether I could
handle all 3 ~

It's not like when I was younger & raised 3 Myself
(many years were as a single Mom too)
Sometimes I just Feel Old

I do Bubbie Sit alot for these 3,

this is the
Very First Time
for a Whole Week.

Just Me ~ Just Them

So Let's Say, We're All
Making Memories....

Wish Me Luck


See Ya in November


  1. Just remember- Walmart sells bubble wrap and duct tape- hope you don't have to use it!
    Take your vitamins.
    Pray. A lot.
    And I'm so going to miss you while you are gone.
    Take your camera- so you can post if you come back, er- when you come back!
    Hugs and rootin' for the old chick- Tete

  2. Sending COURAGE dear one! I have just one sweet baby girl in my world and she wears two full grown adults - my husband and I - completely out in just a couple of hours. We laugh and say children are for the young!
    Yes - you WILL be making memories. And you will do a wonderful job!

  3. Darlin' you have nerves of steel. I'll be praying for you too. I know you'll have lots of fun and lots of memories when you come home. I bet the kids would never realize that people our age are a little scared of them. I'm lol over that, now that I think about it.

    Thank you so much for your loving prayers and kind words. Reading them made me cry and feel so loved and so humbled. God bless you Sweetie and thank you from the bottom of my heart. XXOO's....Tracy :)

  4. It sure is exhausting and that's coming from someone who has only watched 2 at one time....I always say "I'm too old to be a grandma".
    It will be fun, for sure!

  5. Well, all I can say is take it a day at time! From time to time I will have all three of grandbabies, but not for the entire day. Mine are Bodhi who is three months, Morgan is now 16 months, and Riley just turned 4 years old. So, I do have a bit of an understanding of what you are facing, good luck!

    Take care, Sue

  6. Love, love, love!
    I am a mother for the last 25 yrs, and was a full-charge nanny for yrs....
    Children are soooo precious, I just want to eat those babies up!
    You are blessed.


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