Oct 18, 2010

Beautiful Parkway...

Heading out to My Daughters on Saturday
where we were all meeting for
My Birthday Lunch....
I drove the Scenic Route

[Edward Hines Parkway
a Natural Flood Plane
for the river that it winds along]

I was driving all by myself & set my camera on the
Sports setting, so I just held my camera out &
snapped away as I was Driving, never looking, just pushing the button
every few moments....

You can see the side of my Old car or the reflection
from the window

I have learned to use the Sports setting
with the Grands ~ No Blur with all their movements


Have a Wonderful Week


  1. I can really appreciate your post, I too found myself traveling down some country roads today because the trees are so beautiful. I'm not sure if I should condone you or not for your picture taking while driving (just kidding), using the sport settings was ingenuous.


  2. Hey Cheryl! LOVE all those gorgeous colors!!! They sure let us know God's there!! :) Hope you had fun!

  3. Afternoon Cheryl, Your drive must have been so beautiful! I sure hope you had a fun birthday and that you and your daughters had a magnificent lunch together!
    Hugs girlfriend- You make my world brighter- Tete

  4. Oh girl, how did you know I needed to get out of the house today??? Beautiful drive and glad you were able to take such great 'moving' pictures. The colors in your neck of the woods are gorgeous.
    Have you ever gone into a neighborhood and saw some awesome houses that you want to photograph, but end up feeling like a peeping tom? I'm always afraid someone is going to call in my licence plate.LOL!

  5. Hey girl- I think I did it! I have never left feedback on etsy before and your was the 2nd purchase I have made on there.
    Done ebay many times- so, If I messed it up- let me know and I will try again! giggle.
    Hugs- Tete

  6. ooo- hey thats a great idea (the sports setting) ~ your photos are fun. Almost as nice as taking the drive myself. Have a great week.

  7. How lovely! Fall is my favorite season and I love seeing the leaves change!!!

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