Oct 16, 2010

Opening Doors...

I tell you, it has been A Week ~

A Week filled with Sadness, Fear & Worry

Changing in the Blink of an Eye to week
Comfort, Encouragement & Hope

I was Reminded many times to Look for the Door ~
God Never Shuts a Door, Without having another Door for You
to Open

Well, I now have My Heart & My Eyes
Wide Open

* * * * * * * * * * *

Today is My 54th Birthday

I am going to Celebrate & Know that
has His Plan for Me

for a week that started out with total Fear, I am ending it with

Have a Beautiful & Blessed Weekend
Dear Friends


(door image courtesy of google images)


  1. Faith! I am holding on to it. HUGS MARY

  2. Hello,something led me to your blog today,maybe angels, I too am a private caregiver, I had had a job for 6 years that ended suddenly. within a week I had another job,out of the blue. I feel sure the angels are working out something for you and it will be wonderful. Please know that you are so loved and the angels are wrapping their wings around you.

  3. Happy Birthday, sweet, sweet lady! I wish for you joy unending and hugs from little arms all weekend.
    Sloppy, wet kisses and peace in your heart.
    Being a care giver is physically challenging, but it is also one that requires love, support and hugs. Everything you have given away, especially the love, will always come back to you, because you cannot get something unless you give it away first.
    All this support and love that's been bouncing around here on your blog all week is just the beginning. Fasten your seatbelt, because He's about to rock your world!
    Bless you over and over and over again- Tete

  4. You are right about that!
    Happy happy birthday to you! Enjoy!


  5. I truly believe in that....you always have to look for that open door....I heard it another way in a movie I think...."when God closes a door he opens a window"....what movie was that?
    Happy Birthday, and God bless caregivers, it takes so much strength!

  6. Happy Birthday to you!!! I am so happy to read that your week ended on an up note....you deserve it!
    I received my package yesterday and I LOVE the salesman buckle cards! They are so unique and make a great addition to my vintage sewing stuff. Thank you.
    Enjoy your day!

  7. Happy Belated Birthday! I hope you had a great day, and that the following year will bring great things your way! I'm glad you enjoyed my photos of Mackinac and the UP. How great that you have so much family history connected to them both! Don't we live in a beautiful state? Sometimes it's easy to forget that, unless we get out and explore. My dad used to tell stories of what it was like getting to the UP before the bridge was built. And we have a black & white home movie of one of his first crossings once it was built. Have a great week!


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