Nov 7, 2010

A Broken Heart

I need

Words for My Sweet Daughter

Her Heart is Breaking

My Heart is Breaking for Her

My Daughter who this past week just
turned 27....

She has been in Love with the Sweetest,
Kindest Guy that a Mom would ever
want for their Daughter

They had talked about getting Married
I almost expected an Engagement around the

They moved in together in the Spring

Life seemed Wonderful,

I Loved seeing My Daughter
So Happy & Content



He just told her this weekend, that he is Not Happy
He wants Out,
Out of their Relationship,
Out of Their Apartment....


Her Heart is Breaking
I Can't Fix It! ! !

Please Pray for Comfort
My Sweet Daughter

and for the Tears to stop for Me,

How can I comfort My Daughter, when I can't stop Crying Myself,

Her Heart is Breaking for HIM
Mine is Breaking for HER

Dear Lord, Please give her Strength & Hope
Wrap Her in Your Loving Arms & Remind Her
She IS Loved...


You know, I really Loved this guy, now all I want to do is Punch Him
[I won't actually do that, but I want to]


  1. Wow! What a shocker! I feel so bad for your daughter and bad that you are feeling so bad. You and she will be in my prayers. Life is very strange sometimes and we don't understand why things happen the way they do, but rest assured that God has a plan. Jeremiah 29:11

  2. Hi Cheryl....I am so sorry for her and for you! Being a mother of three daughters I have watched each one of them go through this. The hurt is so intense and nothing helps. It just has to run it's course. But please believe-it does get better. There will be someone more special waiting in the wings...maybe not right away, but it will happen. And as I've told my girls, you have to feel pain in life in order to experience and value the joy. It's part of living. I hope I don't sound trite, because nothing diminishes the pain that is being felt right now, I know!! My prayers for both of your strength to prevail....and it will!
    hugs to you both,

  3. You've said your prayers, you've looked at this sadness in the nicest way you can, you've shed some tears, so my suggestion, "PUNCH HIM"! I'm just saying. Time heals all wounds and hopefully with time you and your daughter will both be feeling better.

    Take care, Sue

  4. Hello, I just wanted to tell you that this same thing happened to my son in 2007. He was broken hearted and so was I. Well three years later and he met the most sweetest girl, she is just so special, they are married now and so happy. At the time, he felt like he would never meet another love, but I felt like he had to go through this pain (which was so hard for me, his mother) in order to meet his wife. It is so hard to see your children in pain, we feel their pain. You and your daughter will be in my thoughts and prayers. Terri

  5. Oh Cheryl, we just went through this with my son this summer. It hurts worse when they go through it than when we do, I know.
    Remember to tell her about the door...someone better is coming and this bum had to go so she can grab Mr Wonderful with both arms! A man, a real man- the rest of your life kind of man who will worship the ground she walks on and will insist that it's littered with rose petals.
    He'll be the one who will complete her and will make her life the most happiest of all.
    Listen to Garth Brooks "Unanswered Prayers". I think it was him that did that. It says so much.
    Hugs and prayers coming your way- Tete

  6. Oh gee ..I feel your pain .. I've gone through it many times myself with my kids and now I go through it with my grand kids .. Sometimes it's best not to get too attached to these people who come and go .. it's even harder to see them go through divorces .. but I always tell them "this too shall pass" .. and it does.
    "TIME" .. that's the only thing that gets everyone past this... Your prayer says it all.
    ♥ Betty

  7. Cherly-I remember so well going thru this pain-and it is awful-but the first thing that comes to mind is a Garth Brooks song where he meets his old-high school flame at a football game and he married someone else. He thought that he really wanted the old one-but God had other plans-someone right will come along-Will be praying for you both during this difficult time!

  8. Oh Cheryl I am so sorry! I don't know what to say other than you will definitely be in my prayers. So, so hard on both of you. I feel so bad that you feel bad.
    Isn't it hard when you like them sooo much? I think I would have to punch him!

  9. Oh Cheryl, I don't think any of us could forget that awful pain. My heart hurts for your daughter and I'm at a loss of words that could help. I'm sure you're being there means so much. You never know he may have gotten cold feet or maybe the Lord just has a much better future planned for her. But right now, right here is all that she can see and feel now and that heartbreak is so devastating, even without words I know she probably just needs to feel your presence at such a mixed up time of tears and then anger and more tears.

    Dear Father keep this sweet young woman wrapped in your loving arms. Let her know that her guardian angels have their wings lovingly shielding her and protecting her. Comfort both Cheryl and her during this sad and painful experience. Amen.

    I'll have you both in my prayers and thoughts Sweetie.

  10. Thank You all for Such Sweet Words ~ Now to figure out where she is going to move, since she can not afford her apartment on her own ~ I know it will be a difficult week for her, I never mentioned at the happen to work together too.....
    xox to all of You

  11. OH Cheryl, it is SO hard to watch your child hurt, and there's nothing you can do except love and support her. Having been through this with my own adult children, I know they ended up in even better relationships, but it was very painful to go through and takes time...

  12. Man, thats the worst, so sorry to hear your baby is going through this heartache. *sigh*


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