Nov 23, 2010

Santa in an Etsy Treasury....

He SOLD, Yippy

So happy to be included in this Etsy Treasury

Thanks to 

I have no idea the etiquette for such Treasuries
when you are included...
I did send a note of  Thanks

Update Me Please

Not sure how to display the Treasury ~
any help is welcome


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  1. Hi Cheryl! I have been included in a few treasuries and am not exactly sure of protocol but I go right to the treasury and leave a comment and say thanks. One of the last ones I was in asked us to go to everyones listing and then comment for more 'clicks' so that it could make it to the front page. The light bulb clicked on for me then... oh get more people to see the treasury, and get on the front page! I did what I was told but didn't see the number of clicks change... so I guess I'm not much help, huh? Congrats on being in the treasury! One other thing I always do... copy and paste the treasuries link address to your Santas etsy page and to your shop pages info. That way others see it is in the treasury. Congrats again! Theresa xoxo


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