Nov 22, 2010

AnyOne ???? Info Please......

 This Beautiful 
Dish ~ Bowl
was another Lucky
Gift given to Me 
My Neighbor

I still don't understand how she can be parting
with all of these wonderful Treasures
This was Her GrandMother's
{My Neighbor is in Her early 60's}
Is is Depression Glass?

At first I thought it was Golden Colored,  but it has a Hint of Pink
See the difference in the 2nd photo,  where I have a piece
of Pink with it....

This Gem is over 12" across
almost 3" high
I Love the Etched or Cut Pattern

Anyone have Any Ideas
I want to list this,
  Should it be Etsy or Ebay
If Etsy,  What should I List it for
Thanks for Your Help


  1. It looks depression- go on ebay and type in depression etched pink and see what pops up and if anything else is listed- if you match the pattern and this piece isn't listed do a search of items already sold and see if one has sold before. That will give you a price.
    Good luck- Tete

  2. I'm glad you found that site. I used to have a bunch of glassware books, but just got rid of them this summer! All they did was collect dust that last 7 years, so I sold them. The one I had that would have helped was for elegant glassware.
    We got a ton of rain and a lot of lightening and thunder this evening. Had to shut this down twice. We have a tornado warning until midnight, but I think it's already over with. (Famous last words)
    I'm tired, too- so its off to bed if I can find a place to squeeze in. Animals are afraid of storms- so it's first come.

  3. What a great gift! Ya wonder what goes through peoples minds... I only have a few things from my grandma but I wouldn't give them up. Anyway there are depression books with patterns and colors and value. Check at the book stores or library and go look up your piece and see the value, some of that is worth quite a bit.
    Many Blessings this Thanksgiving to you and yours


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