Nov 21, 2010

Vintage Treasures & More.....

Here's a few of the Treasures that My Neighbor
was Tossing

They were all Hers when she was Little....

I am going to be listing the Dolls
Blue Willow Tea Set
Sometime this week on


Listed Now & Tuesday Night
All End on Sunday 28th

(trying to figure out if I should list to go off Next Sunday
or List them to Start on Thanksgiving & go 10 Days
till the following Saturday)

What Do You Think ???

Any Suggestions

Afghan Now Listed
  Chatty Cathy ~ SOLD
Bride,  Still has her Original Hair Net On
Afghan Now Listed on ETSY

Ballerina has 1 broken leg
parts there,  needs fixin
Listed Now on eBay
Now for the 2 Granny Square Afghans

I will be listing them in My Etsy Shop
Tomorrow [Monday]

My Sweet Lady 
who I took care {Alzheimer's}  
Made these,
She Crochets Morning, Noon & Night...

I really Believe,  her hand work is Keeping
 Evil Disease 
at bay

The Only thing she Crochets is Granny Squares

I want to Keep Her in Yarn,
 I will be listing a few of Her Afghans as she
completes them....
2 Listed on ETSY 

Off to go thru More Stuff to Photograph 



  1. She was throwing all that stuff away that she had as a kid? Wow, glad you were there to save them from the trash truck!

    Take care, Sue

  2. Cheryl - I will buy chatty Cathy. I have looked for her for my bestfriend. Email me at on Monday. Please.

  3. Cheryl, I think it is so sweet that you are concerned with keeping your "lady" in yarn. I find yarn at the thrift stores all the time and wonder if some of us could send you some? I know I would certainly be willing!

  4. OMG Cheryl what a wonderful group of items you got. I can't believe you even have the original box to Chatty Cathy. My sister, who was born in 1955 received that same Nun doll from our Aunt for Christmas when she was little. Oh how I thought she was so beautiful and my sister loved her to death. And nope, we weren't Catholic.

    That's so sweet of you to help that lady and it's wonderful that she continues to stay busy.

    Be bless...Tracy :)

  5. Cheryl- you did good, girl. I cannot believe that someone would throw all of that away! Crazy! Looks like you got the Chatty Cathy sold already! Yeah! Gona be checking on your listings this week!
    Hugs- Tete


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