Dec 12, 2010

After ~ I went to the Other Side

Proof that I Went
to the
Dark Side....

I need my hair trimmed Real Bad
so tired of the ugly wrinkles on
my forehead

I am going with Bangs
(have to call my sister, so she can cut it)

See My Before Blonde pics from when I was little
thru current, on the right side column

So can I pull the Brown Hair off?

this is a Non Permanent dye,
but I think I may go ahead & do it


Blondes Don't have More Fun

My next Big thing to do, is to
Lose 50 + LBS!


  1. WOO HOO! Yeah I would say that you pulled it off very well! I love it! You are so stinkin' cute, girl!
    I have been losing weight this last couple of weeks and the only thing I have been doing different- I increased my fluid intake major and I am doing one teaspoon of honey a day for my allergies. That's it.
    I need to lose more than 50 pounds- I know my back would be so much better and I might get around better.
    Oh yeah- the book(s) I need are crap ones with no covers or very bad covers. I just want to shred the papers to fill things like my tp rolls.
    I'm already trying to come up with valentine and easter ideas for these.
    Hugs- Tete

  2. I never noticed it before-your eyes are so gorgeous-WOW!

  3. I love it!! You can so pull it off! I think a new cut with bangs would look adorable on you. You go girl!!!

  4. I think you look beautiful! Your coloring is perfect for darker hair and it makes your eyes pop. and lets not talk about weight this time of year...

  5. I love it, it makes your lovely face very soft. HUGS MARY

  6. LOVE THE DARK HAIR! Really brings out your pretty eyes! But do you really want bangs? They have to be trimmed all.the.time. Believe me, I know! But I think you'll be a cutie patootie with them!

  7. Hi Cheryl
    I agree your eyes really pop with the darker color. You look beautiful. Its fun to change things up and have a fresh feel about ourselves. Good for you girlie. have a wonderful week!


  8. Hi girl- no rush on shipping that stuff. Wait till the roads are good. It's just for me, not for christmas presents or anything.
    I couldn't get the coupon thing to work. I copied and pasted it, twice, and it wouldn't take it- said invalid code- so I just paid for it. So whatever is easier for you, surprise me.
    Thanks so much for your positive comments about my writing. I ususally don't stick it on there, but Rebecca said to do it more often.
    Fed Ex just needs the street address. They know where I live, Bwahahahaha!- you could probably just put my name on it.
    We got so lucky on this storm system- only supposed to get about an inch- but 40 plus winds.
    This place is so different than northern Ohio where I grew up. There we got dumped on because of Lake Erie, but we were hilly and had trees.
    Here it's flat and not many trees at all or any kind of wind blocks.
    We have white outs here- you can't see nothing. And it's like being in a fog- you get disoriented very quickly and lose your way. It's worse than a blizzard, I think. It's 22 out and the snow is very dry- and it's going to blow good.
    We live in town and we have to count telephone poles to get to different places.
    Hope you are staying in and warm. We are toasty here!
    Hugs- Tete

  9. That is a pretty brown shade. Looking good!

  10. That color is gorgeous on you girl. I'm loving it! I've tried to go dark a few times but I can't seem to pull it off. I love dark brown with a touch of cinnamon or burgundy. And your hair color looks beautiful with your eyes. I say it's a keeper!!!

    Warm hugs....T.


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