Dec 12, 2010

Staying Warm.....

Love the way the Snow Flakes are Glowing little Orbs
I already shoveled once
Altered frame ~ Etsy

Industrial Chic ~ Etsy

I'm staying put Inside,
the Snow is
suppose to get worse tonight
thru out the day tomorrow



  1. Love the photos! Stay in and snuggle under the covers- only your nose sticking out!
    Your creamy tuna on toast sounds wonderful!
    Have a great night!

  2. The kids keep checking the internet for school closings... just hoping to see their schools! Stay warm! Theresa xoxo

  3. Hey Darlin', looks like a beautiful Christmas scene at your house to me. I've been missing you and thinking of you often, though I know you could never tell it by my lack of visits. I had to big swaps to get out and trying to bring some order to my house while still visiting MIL. I was late on both swaps and feel so guilty. I knew if I stop to get on the computer I would never finish. My house still looks like a disaster zone but at least I've got the trees up and decorated although there is more to do. I know there want be anyone here to see them but me and Neil but I really have got Christmas spirit this year and that's a refreshing change. I'll try to post in a day or so but wanted to contact the people that mean so much to me first. My whole life feels like it made a 180 degree turn as far as peace and home go. This would've never ever happened without all the love and deep sincere prayers on my behave from you and others. I can never thank you enough for caring about me.

    Hope all is well at your house. I'm thinking about you daily. Love...Tracy :)

  4. OOP'S, sorry I took up the whole page. (hee-hee)

  5. Hey Cheryl-I thought about ordering the bottle brush trees and having you stick them in with Tete's order-I'm not worried about them getting damaged-you could just stick them in the crannies-let me know if you've already got Tete too packaged up!

  6. Tete will be ordering it with her paypall cause I don't have one yet-just let me know what my total will be with the cheaper shipping and handling and the 20% discount and I will pay her. Again-just stick them in the crannies-I'm not worried about them looking beat up-I think they look better! Thanks! No rush on them!

  7. Yep, you arein for it! That storm dumped 19 inches on us! Took two days to plow out our driveway, then with the wind, it was all dumped back in!

    Have a wonderful week!

  8. White, fluffy , pretty snow. We hae some here too, but it doesn't look as lovely as yours. Your altered frame is way cool.


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