Dec 23, 2010

The Eve of Christmas Eve.....

and All is Well

after the wonderful suggestions from some
Blogging Friends,
I Feel at Peace....

Thank You



  1. Hey Cheryl-I posted it early-just for you! Hope it's something that will help you and may be an idea for another gift-God Bless! On the Ella Blog

  2. I'm glad you found your peace. You know, God gave you such a beautiful talent. You have been taking nothing and making it fabulous forever. This is going to end up being your best Christmas ever. Just wait and see. You opened another door and you will find that the best Christmases come from the heart. Look at what you do have...those faces on your children and grandchildren are the things that money can't buy. You are rich beyond measure and so am I for having you for a friend.
    Hugs and Merry Christmas- Tete


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