Dec 23, 2010

Are You

On Schedule????

Do you have All Your Shopping, Baking & Wrapping


Do you Still have that last minute present to Find?

Do you stay up half the night to Finish Wrapping?

This is a slim Christmas for Me this year,
I was able to buy something small
for My 3 Grands
and that's about it...

My Grown kids do Understand, but it's sorta
sad being the 1st time ever that I have not
been able to buy for them...

I am trying to work on Creating something for My Daughters
What does a 22 year old Guy
want from his Mom that she made...
(any ideas?)

At least this year I won't be up till all hours

Hope Your On Schedule & EnJoying
all the
Festivities of the Season...

~ Remember ~
"He" Is the Reason for this Season




  1. OK - my one son is in Korea with his girlfriend for 2 years teaching so we decided no presents because things don't arrive all the time. Now - 12/23... he wants home made cookies. Yesterday, my older son and his wife email me their lists 12/22. "Mom, we don't need anything - let's just have a nice meal together." all the month of December. I work a full time and 2 part time jobs, I live in a friend's home because I left an abusive husband several months ago. What am I praying for..PATIENCE! I already have a huge sense of humor and a strong faith in God. So I've got your back girl. Hugs and Holiday Wishes, Jennifer stop by jennsthreegraces

  2. Cookies sound like a winner to me- along with a handmade card and a memory of one of your favorite Christmas memory of him as a child.
    Or something else that he loves to eat.
    How about a free backrub from dear old mom?
    I don't have much for my kids either this year. But we will be together and we will laugh and have so much fun.
    Make it a special day!
    Hugs- Tete

  3. Cheryl, I think Jennifer's suggestion of cookies is a great idea!
    I recall asking my eldest son for Christmas ideas once when he was about that age and newly out on his own. What he asked for was pictures of his friends or him and his friends together. Pictues I had around from him growing up. You might have a special picture you could put in a dollar store frame or make up a little album or maybe just a bundle of photos. Memories and cookies!

  4. I know my guys just always want something from the kitchen and not sweet. I made a great pretzel snack from RealMomKitchen that I'm putting up tomorrow. It's 16 oz of pretzel twists 2/3c melted butter, 1/2c sugar and 2 tsp cinnamon. Baked at 300 for 10 minutes, stir, 10 min stir, 10 min. Hubby said it was the best snack ever. Merry Christmas.

  5. It's funny how it's the slim Christmases that are the only ones my children remember. It is mainly because of the love that came from the community. And I was so much more creative when we had no money. They still talk about how they felt the real meaning of the season, when we had less under the tree.
    I want to wish you all the Joy that the season has to offer dear Cheryl.
    and a BIG hug from me!!!

  6. Cheryl..last year..I went to a copy store and copied Holiday recipes..and glued them to colored paper..that I bought there 10 cents a sheet..then I wrote little memories of that child on the paper for the holiday. I also copied my handwritten menus scribbled on scratch paper...then I found pictures of the Holiday..of the table..or the food..or even them..then I put them on the colored scrapbook techniques..just glue stick..paper..and memories..and I put it in a school notebook bought at Wally World.
    There was holiday cooking..canning...cookies..cakes/deserts...(pictures of them and now my grandchildren)
    vegetable (pictures of gardens)breads (pictures of them helping) appetizers.(pictures of get togethers.
    I have 4 girls..who had a cry meltdown when they recieved them..and are adding to them all the time.My 21 yr old son..well he will get Mommas..I have already written in it for him..he received lots of the recipes made up for him..he said.."I don't care if my future wife likes this or not..I will cherish it Mama" aw made me cry.
    I agree with everyone here..simple..memories..and food..go hand and hand!!
    I could only spend 5.oo dollars on the 9 granchildren last year..what do you cheap toys...Sonic..McDonalds..and What-A-Burger gift certificates...Oh my would of thought I gave them a million dollars..they were thrilled they got their own money to spend at these I added it to their stockings this year along with a few presents..they still went crazy!!

    Good luck ..and have a Merry Christmas!!!
    Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

  7. Thank You Everyone for the Wonderful Ideas, I guess I am just feeling bad, that I can't do what Others are doing, but the Real Gift, of Course is Being with Family.... I think I will see what ingredients I need & maybe make some Fun Snacks & copy some Photos of Christmas Holidays Past.... Memories, Making & Remembering the Great Memories... Love Ya All ~ My Blogging Friends are like Family... I so Appreciate You All XOX

  8. You are so right. The best part of Christmas is just getting together and being with each other. I like the idea of photos of past Christmas's. Have a Merry Christmas.

  9. Nice to know that we are smart enough not to overextend ourselves on material gifts. If we raised our children well (and we ALL did that!), they realize that family is what is most important. We all have too much stuff anyway!

    Merry Christmas, my friend! Enjoy the day surrounded by loved ones!

  10. Hi Cheryl-We are keeping simple this year, too. So I would say I still have a lot to do, but almost on schedule. Mostly wraping-done buying!
    Have a very Merry Christmas!

  11. We keep it super simple with our family and only buy a few small gifts for the kids(they get stuff from their parents and santa!). I enjoy just getting together for breakfast and lunch and just hanging out(time is the biggest commodity we can anyone anymore). I will be posting an article about what my mom did for her bible study group tomorrow-it's called a God Box. It is from a magazine article(I think Simple Living) where you place all your worries in this box and give them to God-we all need that! God Bless you and your family this year Cheryl-it may end up being the best Christmas ever for you this year! Working retail I've learned -that's not where it's at!


Thank you for visiting... Have a Happy & Creative day ~ Cheryl