Dec 17, 2010

Welcome One & All for a Fun Give-Away...


"Every Blog Name Has a Story"

What's the Story behind Your Blog Name????

Tis the Season to be Giving
so I'm throwing My Give-Away Hat in the Ring.....

There's always room for
one more, Right...

December 17th ~ 31st

Tons of Vintage Treasures
Ready for You to Win
Here's How to Play:

In the comment section
(on this Post Only)

Tell Us about Your Blog Name
Does it have a Meaning?
How did You come up with It??

For some, I'm sure Your Blog name was simple to pick,
for Other, it might have been as difficult as Choosing a Pets Name...

Whether its Silly or Sweet

I want to know, the Blogging World wants to know....

It's Time to Share & Someone is Going to
win a Prize, for doing Just That

All These Goodies, for One Lucky Blogger
Now for the Rules:

You have up to
4 - Chances to Enter

1. - Comment & Tell about Your Blog Name
(What's the Story?)

2. - Be or Become a Follower
(I promise to do a Happy Dance)

3. - Grab the Give-Away button & place on
your side bar
(Spread the News)

4. - Write a Post about this Give-Away
(Really Spreading the News)

Please leave Separate Comments for Each
(easier Math - lol)

Now since I am asking You to Tell Your Blog Name Story,

It is Only fair that I tell about Mine

I bet you all figured with a Blog name like


there Must be a Story...

Making a Long story Shorter

I will try to tell this in a Good Light with Funny & Happy Meanings,
but at first I have to Set the Stage.....

I was Married for 17 Long Years - Check
I actually filed for Divorce the week of Our 17th Anniversary - Check
I had found out that Husband & now X Best Bud were having an Affair
(for 2 years - I Must have been Blind) - Check
Bonus of 17 Long Years = 3 Fabulous Kids - Check
Lots of Emotional Abuse - Check, Check, Double Check
(can be worse than broken bones)
Now fast forward to several years after the Big "D"
I had always been Creative, Thank You Grandma - Check
(Teddy bear Maker - Floral designer - Bow Maker)
being Creative really was a Life Saver as a
Single Mom

After Slowly starting to Believe In Myself Again - Check
(It takes a long time to climb out of the pits - still some steps to go)
The voice in my head was saying "I Can Do It"
instead of hearing "Your Stupid & Useless"
I wanted to Spread My Wings & Fly - Check
I Cut My Hair Real Short
(Big Mistakes on a round face)
I started to let My Wild side Out - Check
(No Jail, No Drunken Moments, No Wild Parties)
Just a Good Mom with Hopes & Dreams

I Liked - No, I Loved the word Funky
(My Kids Hated It!)
From Funky came Zany, From Zany came the
(My silly side of Mayd, instead of Made - wanting, Needing to be Different)
My Kids will even tell You that I joked
(really it was a Joke)
that I wanted to Change My Name to Zany!

(What I really wanted, was My Maiden Name Back, but it cost too much
$$$ to do that, so I use My Maiden Name
Goode as My Middle Name & kept My Married Last name
to be the same as My Kids.... I did not take into account that when Daughters Marry,
she takes Her Hubby's Last Name - but I do have a Son (same last name & a Bonus from
the Married Daughter, 3 Beautiful Little Ones for This Bubbie to Love xox)
I Know, I'm Rambling!

Are We Bored Yet!?!

I also always Loved the Old Photo that I use for My Profile,
Yes, Me at 2 on a Zebra in Tijuana Mexico
with My Wonderful Mom & Dad
So Zebra, Zany
(see photo above)

(You were Thinking Your Blog Name was Silly)

This is when I should say
& The Rest is History.....

it's been Over 13 Years since the
big "D"

I guess sometimes it takes a Lifetime ...

I am Thrilled & Blessed that I Found
Did Blogging Find Me

(one of the Door's Right, Tete!)


That's My Story

What's Yours?????

Please make it Odd, I know there's another
Crazy Blog name out there....

Make sure I am able to Contact You
I'm sure you'll want to know if Your the Lucky Winner

As Frank Sinatra Would Say

"Start Spreading the News"


  1. I so needed you today- and I am here to play!
    Love how you got your blog name! So cool! At least you were ZANY and not half cocked...that would have raised eyebrows...
    So here is my story. My blog started out about my gardening, since it keeps me moving. It's healing for me. It's where I talk to God the most. When I am on my knees, my hands in His soil(soul) and I feel his smile on me when He shines His sun on my shoulders.
    Now, my father in law and I shared a love of gardening...and his backyard was fenced in and you had to go through a metal wire gate to get to the roses, daffidils, tulips, lilacs, lillies, bleeding hearts and of course a tire swing right in the middle of it all.
    There came a time when he took out the old fence and pulled the gate. It was given to me for safe keeping. It's the gate you see by my shed...and it no longer swings but is staked upright for a rose to grow upon now.
    So when I was thinking up a name, I thought of the gate, and the wonders that always laid beyond that gate for many years.
    Beyond the Garden Gate is a world that God created...and I get to dwell in for strength, peace, and unconditional love. And everyday, I do my very best to share that with everyone else. To freely give away what I have been given.
    Everyone is welcome Beyond the Garden always swings open.
    Hugs- and thank you - Tete

  2. Leave a comment and explain my blog name- CHECK
    Follower- CHECK- I wasn't before, just had you on my side bar- sorry- it's fixed now.
    Grab the button and put it on my side bar- CHECK
    Play Frankie and spread the news- CHECK

    I did it!

  3. Love your zany story!!:)sorry about the pain you had to go through to get here, but looks like great things are in your life now.

    I got a blog to follow some of my favorite artists I followed on ebay. Artists I drool over, admire, and dream about doing what they do. I do craft shows with my parents, we started out with the name "hearts and hands handiworks"...long, too long:) So one day at a sale someone asked my dad if he made all this and he replied "my wife, daughter and me" and it just came into my head "Ma, Pa, & me!" My oldest son, now 14 would always say "and me too!" so we always add that on also. So when I started my blog I used the name "just me" since it's all about me!:) I have to admit i'm more of a blog follower then a blog writer! I love reading so many great blogs and getting great ideas, this is truly a generous, funny, sharing, warm community.

  4. Oh yeah and already follow you, love your blog! And if I could ever figure out how to add sidebars!!!lol

  5. No wonderful, interesting stories here! Although I'm sorry bout the sad part, been there, done that to!

    My blog name describes what I sell and how I decorate! And it is the name of by business! See I told you boring! But I am interested in that great giveaway you have going on! Thanks for having it!


  6. I really enjoyed reading how your blog name came about. Thanks for sharing your story!
    My blog name is a combination of my great grandmothers name Mamie (actual real name was Mary but she was always known as Mamie) and my name. My real name is Mary Jane but I've always been called Jane. I never knew Mamie but my Mom has told me what a wonderful woman she was. She taught my mom how to sew when my mom was very young and my mother taught that skill to me so I thought it was only fitting to name my blog (in part) after her.
    Thanks for hosting the wonderful giveaway. I see a lot of great treasures in that pile!
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  7. Love the way you found your blog name....

    My story for "Dragonlady" is when my 2 girls were young, I guess I yelled a lot and behind my back they would say to each other, "Dragonlady" is breathing Fire again....LOl....well, when they were both grown and out of the house, they told me about it and we all had a good laugh and so I decided I would use that name for my blog..
    All of my family got a real laugh about it..
    Brenda aka Dragonlady

  8. Thanks so much for sharing your story with us! It's been fun to read the other stories, too! My blog name, Itsy Bits And Pieces, comes from the business name my daughter and I share. We like to find interesting little itsy bits and pieces for artists and crafters, and treasures for peoples homes! Fun giveaway!

  9. Good morning Cheryl...I want to play know I have been a follower forever!! My blog name was named after my Maternal Grandmother.....a women of great faith, beauty, charm and perserverance.(sp). She died when I was 11 and I had not seem her in many years...but she was alway so kind to me in my childhood and I remember how delicate and beautiful I ALWAYS thought she was.

    She could make something out of nothing better than anyone I had ever met at that young age of really stuck with me.

    ok...enough about me.....have a beautiful day friend.



  10. This is so much Fun.... I Love All the wonderful Stories You are Sharing, Think of all the stories we will gather over the next 2 weeks of the Contest * Give-Away.... Have a Wonderful Day Everyone

    Cheryl ~ ZanyMayd

  11. It has been fun reading the comments and the stories so far. It seems as the common thread for the origins of the names are the experiences we have lived in our lives. "My Blessed Serendipity Life" is the name of my blog and I have always loved the sound and the meaning of the word "serendipity". I have learned through experience that I can make plans but I had better be flexible because things don't always happen like I hope or expect it to. The incredible thing for me is finding the unexpected outcomes in my life have truly become blessings for me. Life is a roller coaster isn't it? It's best to just hold on and enjoy the ride.


  12. I am posting this giveaway to my sidebar.


  13. Mine is called NewBlessingEveryday. Notice it's just blessing not blessings because I don't want to be greedy. I had Bladder cancer and 2 surgeries followed by the chemo and was just wanting to have a distraction so I started my blog. I am so thankful to God for the blessing he gives me each day of a new start and another day to right my wrongs or wrong my rights but to praise Him one more day..

  14. My story is not as life-changing or funny or significant as some others. When I lost my fulltime 'out of the home' job, I started dreaming about what I could do in my new found free time. There were so many things I wanted to do if only . . . Some of my dreams are pretty big. When I found the bloggy world, it took me a looooong time to start one of my own. I missed the people (not the ones I actually worked with) that I interacted with every day and I was lonely. Starting a blog was a dream I could accomplish - so I did! I have so many friends now and I'm no longer lonely! I get encouragement and inspiration everywhere I go through blogs. I'm still dreaming big and my creative side has grown alot in the last few years. I have plans for the future! I'm 'she dreams big'.

    A great giveaway, Cheryl, and a fun way to enter!

  15. I just put your button on my sidebar! Can't wait to read everyone's 'story'!

  16. Yay!
    You have an 'anonymous' option to post comments!
    Thank you for letting me know about your giveaway. Whew! That was some story of how you got your blog name. Well, I do have a blog name picked out, but it is a secret! Hee! Hee! I have been caring for my invalid, mom-in-law for the past year and a half, but that will soon be in the past, as her dear, darling, daughter will be taking care of her...FINALLY!!! So, I want to begin my own blog and maybe I will have time to do it. I love my mom-in-law, but too much is too much. Anyway, I want to get back to my creative side, and get my life back too, as I have had NO time for myself these months previous. That said, please enter me in your fantabulous giveaway!
    Teresa in Cloth and Clay
    You are a fabulous person, your creativity soars, hold on to all of your dreams. God loves you! Embrace the positive...ALWAYS!!!
    Spread joy, love, and peace...
    Face people who need to be faced who hurt's OK to step on someone else's toes for a change, who deserve it. Find your own voice, be your own it seems like you are already doing this. Thanks for the inspiration!!!

  17. OH, and my Grandma's were sooo very special. They taught me how to crochet, embroider, knit, and how to laugh at the world and be kindhearted. They were one-of-a-kind, one in a million Grandma's as I'm sure most everyone out there feels the same way about their grans!
    Take care!

  18. OH! And I adore the photo of you on the zebra when you were two. What a cutie!
    Teresa S.

  19. Love the story on your name. Mine is "MaryJanes and Galoshes". My mom and I were looking to start an etsy shop together, trying to figure out name that represents each of us. I was flipping through a magazine and saw a picture of a whole bunch of galoshes and it came to me. I am like a pair of shiny polished maryjane shes and she is like a good fun pair of galoshes! Plus it sounded so cute to both of us we instantly fell in love. Now it's really become who we are and a second blog "Dear Maryjanes" has spun off of it. I could not be happier with the name and it is so completely us.

    Taylor (Maryjanes)

  20. This is a great idea for a giveaway! Mine doesn't have a very interesting story it's kind of obvious... When we bought our house 5 years ago, I was just gaga over it... I kind of stalked it just hoping that one day it would be ours. I really feel like it is more than just a house it is a real presence in our neighborhood. There are many days when there are 10 to 15 kids playing in our yard. I think the lady that lived here for 40 years is smiling from above when she sees their smiling faces! so 612 Riverside became the blog... Theresa xoxo

  21. But of course I follow you, you are fabulous!!! Theresa xoxo

  22. Me again... I just added your button to my sidebar! So many goodies, you have the best giveaways! Theresa xoxo

  23. I have been a follower and had a link to your blog on my sidebar for quite some time because I have LOVED your blog since I first found it. Joe Cocker singing "rock your gypsy soul", who wouldn't follow...?? If I could use one word to describe you I would say "authentic"! Your blog is straight from the heart and I love it!
    So... my blog... KLULESS... What's up with THAT???
    KLU are my initials. I have been using "kluless" as my moniker for at least 15 years, maybe longer, too long to remember! I think it started out because I didn't know much about computers except that I wanted to play along and so learn I did!
    Life goes on and there was selling on eBay when Ebay was a babe and learning and gaining confidence and eventually becoming a business analyst working it the IT department for a major corporation, for crying out loud. I wonder what they would think about it all starting with me wanting to sell buttons on eBay - LOL???? For me it has always been about connecting. I feel so blessed that there is this whole internet world out there where I can connect with kindred spirits all throughout the world. Oh.My.Gosh. How cool is that?

  24. Oooooo!
    I can hardly wait for this giveaway! What wonderful goodies!
    Thank you so very much!

  25. Well...
    I guess I forgot to tell you why I don't have a blog yet. I have been caring for my husband's invalid mother for over a year and ten months.
    She cannot stand up on her own, my husband has to hoist her out of bed, to her chair, and then to her potty chair, while I do clean up duty. She is a dear, wonderful woman but cannot care for herself, but will soon be going to live with her daughter 200 miles away. I am a doll maker, and have had no time for making dolls let alone keeping up on housework. Caring for an invalid is a full time job. Anyway, I will miss her when she leaves but I hope to get my own busy life back in order so I can do what I love to do best and that is to blog and make friends!
    So, the best to everyone and have a joyous holiday season! And wish me luck at beginning my own blog, very, very soon!
    Teresa in CA

  26. I'm so glad you shared your story with us. I really had wondered where you got the name. I love it and it fits you perfect. It's so much fun reading about how everyone chose their names too.

    I was just looking for something that would pay homage to my Southern roots. I'm not exactly Scarlett and I never picked cotton but I just love everything cute. I'm like a little girl sometimes with stuff like that. I was a little unsure if I should really chose that name. I was so afraid someone would think I speaking in terms of me (definitely not) and that would sound way too arrogant for me. Really it is because I love cotton pickin' cute things. I can't believe I've been blogging for a year and a half now. I don't know what I would have done with out it and all the friends I've made this year.

    Honey I know just what you mean that emotional abuse doesn't fade away like bruises do. It takes so much more work to keep those nasty thoughts from repeating over and over again in our head. Wish I could get the same lasting recording of a upbeat comment to stay in my head like that or at least believe it half as much.

    This is a too good to be true giveaway. Thanks for hosting and better yet thanks for a wonderful year of friendship.

    Merry Christmas and big warm hugs...Tracy :)

  27. I'm a loyal follower without enough time to keep up!

    ooo's...Tracy :)

  28. I added your button to my sidebar before even getting to the post.

    T :)

  29. I'm heading to post on my blog now!!!

  30. Good Morning..Tracy and I are blogging girlfriends. And if she recommends someone..I go and take a looksey! And I likey. lol

    I am 3 blogs..

    It started off with my blog on possibly living in a 40 ft rv..hence the name Fulltiming is like a Chinese Fire Drill. My family of 7 now..up to 21..and 22 will be here in May..
    Has always been classified as a Chinese Fire Drill. One minute we are all sitting ..and then a light goes off somewhere in a head and poof be gone the group dissperses.

    The RV blog wasn't quenching my creative while organizing my sewing treasures (junk) I saw the Rick-Rack..and the Gingham..and it was born..I am Cindy from Rick-Rack and this is really me..I almost want to get checks with it on

    Blogging to me is a community..a an idea started churning (look out)..and here in the South a saying "Morning Glories" was spoken alot when I was I started "Mornin Glories" General Store..a place where we can meet..and and well just have some fun community fun. Right now do to the holidays and my traveling to take care of sick ones and the granchildren..things have been shut down over at the atore..She will open up in January.

    Well there it is 3 blogs..and one me..and soooo many close girlfriends..come by and visit with me.
    Thank you for doing this giveaway. I love everything vintage.

    Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

  31. I am now a follower!

    Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

  32. I am Ladybug Dreams. The name of my blog came from my Scottie dogs name Ladybug and the Dreams is what I am constantly doing. Dreaming up some new decor for our home or crafting, sewing, gardening ect. Have a Merry Christmas!

  33. Love your blog and love your blog name! What a great idea for a giveaway theme and what fun reading everyones stories! Mine is pretty simple. My name is robin and i have always loved birds, nests and feathers. so... there it is. Thanks for the chance to win this awesome giveaway!

  34. Hey Cheryl-Just posted today about How my blog got it's name-Hope it's what you were thinking-I think this was a very interesting game to play-thanks for letting me join in.

  35. I am a new follower. Found you through Ella Mae’s Barn Gathering. So glad I did :)

  36. Ok-how I got my blog name. I wish mine were really fun and interesting but I have to say this...yours is awesome. Love it!! Good for YOU :)

    Verde Farm-our blog is named after our farm of course but the way we named our farm is the story. We bought our place in 2007. It was named Merritt Heights-after the folks we bought it from. We soon found out it had been renamed with each of the three owners to adopt their last names. So--prior to us coming it was named Meadows Heights, Aldridge Heights and Merritt Heights. We weren’t going to change it at that point but oddly enough, the column post that held the word “Merritt” was hit one night toppling the column. The stone with the name was unharmed. This was our chance and we didn’t want to put our last name on it. We wanted to name it something that would endure--beyond the people living here. So, we thought and thought and one of the things we loved most about the property was the large number of evergreen trees it had. We knew they had been ordered and shipped from China and Europe back in the 20s based on some research we had done. I wanted to name it Evergreen Heights but there wasn’t room for Evergreen on the stone. We searched for synonyms for Evergreen and came to Verde. We pronounce it Vairday-like fairday. I loved it and thought it was perfect. Verde means green in latin and this is a green place. So, we went with Verde Heights. We started developing our farm and thus named the farm and the blog Verde Farm. Thanks for asking and offering this fun give away and opportunity to share :)

  37. Hi All, I sure am loving all the Blog Name History - I knew this would be fun, learning about everyone, Your Stories are Great, Keep Them Coming.....
    Cheryl ~ ZanyMayd

  38. Hi Cheryl,
    Nice to meet you! What a great idea for a blog post/giveaway! I just posted my story...such as it is...about the Shabby Chicks blog. Basically, I'm a bit flaky and my blog names...yes names...just happen:)
    I did try to follow you but blogger isn't letting me so I'll be back...promise!

  39. I followed Suzanne here!
    My blog title "Tales of a Golf Gal" came about because when I started my blog I had just started taking lessons and really getting obsessed with the game of golf. I met a great group of gals who have become strong friends over the past 3 years. My taking up golf coincided with my retirement from the working world due to finding out I had cancer. I've had 3 surgeries over the past 3 years and I HOPE this time I'm cancer free! "Tales of a Golf Gal" is light and fun, filled with stories of my family, sewing, home improvement projects and sometimes a way to vent about life with cancer. We all need to talk about our troubles now and then, right?!

  40. Hi, My name is Katharine and my blog is called-
    Kat's Almost Purrfect World. My online store name is Kat's Purrfect Boutique. It's a play on my name Katharine and my love of cats (kat). I didn't want to say purrfect world because my world is far from purrfect. My blog is about my life, my estore, my crafts and projects and more.

    I'm going to follow you and put you on my sidebar, plus on my blog list page.

  41. Nothing too interesting about my blog name: My real name, Piroska, always was too hard for many people to say, but no one could come up with a decent nickname...but one person had called me "Pippi" (I even had the red hair and freckles" my blog name: Pippi Stitches.
    I have 2 other blogs set up, with the intention of someday actually writing there: Pippi Reads...and Pippi Ponders.
    pippirose59 at gmail dot com

  42. You are on my sidebar and on my Blog Roll Page

  43. Here is the link to the post that advertises your give away (better late then never?)

  44. My blog is named Stinkietown USA. I have collected "smalls"--tiny plastic animals, people, and things for years. My kids call them "Stinkies" because the original was a skunk! My blog is really a journal for my far-flung family and the Stinkies show up from time to time there.