Dec 19, 2010

Christmas Craft Night....

What do you get when you
3 Ladies
a Mix of Supplies
some yummy

You get a silly Little Snowman....
actually 3 Silly Snowmen
Angela & Linda came over tonight all ready to
be Creative....
They brought the snacks
I had all the supplies
Linda had not yet finished her snowman's Hat
by the photo, but He sure went home with
His sweet stove pipe hat on....

it's fun how the Snowmen look so different...
I was taking the photo, My snowman is the center one
the face in the first photo....

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow


  1. Oh what fun! I love crafting with friends! The snowmen are adorable! Somehow I missed your giveaway post, probably was packing for our weekend in IN. to visit my brother, so I gotta go visit...Theresa xoxo

  2. Those are cute and it looks like you're all having a fun time too!

  3. Looks like you all had great fun and got a new decoration too. I love the ones that become memories. Have a wonderful day.

  4. Thanks for stopping by my tea towel tutorial and your sweet comment. I love those little snowmen. Now that's my kind of party!

  5. Oooh, oooh, how fun is that??? I'd be joining your ladies too if I lived close by. I love learning crafts from other talented ladies like you!

    Merry Christmas to you!

  6. What a f un night! I am sure you girls had lots of laughs & lots of stories to tell! Wish I could have joined you girls!!! LOVE the snowmen! You are right...I love how they turned out so different too! Good Night Cheryl!

  7. Thank you for posting the snowmen that you three ladies had fun making. They turned out soooo cute! Must have been a fun time too!
    Teresa S. In Cloth and Clay

  8. I am really surprised that it got there that quick- did you find the money for Rebecca's trees? It's tucked inside the photo album.
    The main thing I wanted to send didn't get in the box! Can you spell brainfart? The day we put the box together is the day my uncle died and I just wasn't with it. I will get it in the mail soon.
    Hugs- Tete
    PS- it's one of the ginger bread cookie cutters- like you had when you were a kid...just thought a happy memory would be fun...

  9. That looks like such fun!! Those snowmen are adorable.

  10. what a fun night with the gals. I dream of doing this now that I'm back in civilization :)
    Merry Christmas Cheryl.
    xo jo

  11. Friends, crafting, food -- it doesn't get much better than that. In the end, you've had a great time and have something to show for it. The snowmen are absolutely adorable. Happy holidays to you and yours, Tammy

  12. I didn't know you were having a giveaway. I so wish you'd lived close to me, the craft night looks like it was such fun!! Love the snowmen. Well I'm heading to check out your giveaway and then I need to head myself to bed.

    Sweet dreams...Tracy :)


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