Feb 16, 2011

Being Brave

Missing You ALL ....

a few new Treasures

listed on Etsy
Today I am over at My Daughters, she came & picked me up
early this morning, spending day after day alone in My Little
place, without a car & No Internet is driving Me a bit
Crazy... I am so Happy to be able to get on the Computer
at My Daughters, catch up on 100's of emails,
FB & add more "stuff" to Etsy...

I am So Thankful to all who have stopped by & purchased
a old treasure from My Shop.....

I am looking forward to a warm up this weekend, without a
(still broken after 3 weeks)
it has not been easy walking in the snow & ice
to the post office or grocery store
(we had 17" last week)
We are suppose to hit 50 on Friday, but back to the cold
over the weekend,

I keep Thinking Positive, Missing All My Blogging Friends
Being Brave

Come on Spring, I'm ready for a Change!


[to My Followers: I am sorry I have not been around,
I see I am have lost several followers,
Please stick with Me,
I will be Back as soon as I can!]

Now Off to do laundry, check out the newest blogging news
have lunch with My Grands


  1. Looking forward to seeing you back soon! Keep warm!

  2. Welcome back Cheryl!! Been in your shoes before.I just recently got my car back after it was gone for over a year.I will send a prayer up for your car!!

    Hugs,Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

  3. Still here with you Cheryl!!!!

    Hang in there sweet girl


  4. Hey Cheryl I was so good to get this update from you. Of course I'm hanging in here with you. I wouldn't worry about the follower thing. Sometimes mine dissappear for awhile and then the next day they're back. I think it's more of a Blogger thing than people taking themselves off.
    hugs to you


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