Feb 22, 2011

Hey World

Hello Out there...

I am able to post tonight, since I am currently
at my Daughter's Bubbie Sittin while
Mandy & Pat are at the
Red Wings Game...

All is quiet
(meaning Grands are all in bed)
Now I have time to add some
pics, Post & check all my
emails and not least

I sure am Missing the Blogging World,
so many wonderful friends
& fun sites that I hate missing

I am working on getting Internet,
looking into getting another carrier
but not sure if that is going to work out

it wouldn't be too bad if I had Wheels
but now it is about a month since My Car
it is a 1991 Olds
but it only had 121,000
miles on it, I sure was hoping it was going to
last longer,

I am waiting for My sil to
work on it, but between his working a ton
and going to school 3 nights a week,
he just has not had the time....

so I walk to the Post Office, walk to the grocery store
and whatever else I need,
it was difficult this past 10 days, since we
had 17" of snow & then some ice, Mild
weather the weekend, it was about 52 degrees
and lots had melted & then we got hit with
another 10"s
I sure am ready for Spring!!!!

well, I promised to wash some dishes
and clean up the kitchen...
I see the Red Wings are in the 2nd Period
so I should get moving....

Miss Ya

will check in again in about a week

Left you with a few photos I have taken over the past few weeks....


I Love this corner of the Studio
Just changed out the container, since I listed
the big Silver one on Etsy.....
Elliot Alex the Lion
is My Packing Helper
Just a taste of the Many Inches of white stuff we
had this past week
Love these sunsets from last week

this is the sewing basket that I just
painted & added the Valentine card on top
changed the closure & added the Big Yellow button

It was originally given to My Daughter Mandy for
Her 6th Birthday, it was a plain wood
Longaberger Basket.... I painted it Pink
and added the other Bling for
Memphys my Grandaughter....

Now to fill it with Fun stuff

Have a Wonderful Week



  1. Cheryl
    Glad to hear from you! I could not imagine the snow ordeal. Praying that something works out for you. Life's curve balls stink sometimes. Just know that you are cared for and that you are being kept in prayers. Stay warm & healthy


  2. Missing you Cheryl and thinking of you often! Keep praying and looking for that rainbow-God's promise-it's out there! Loved all the goodies from Etsy-I'll take good care of them and think of you when I see them! Tete's keeping me posted so keep her updated!

  3. Hi Cheryl,
    Every time I get into my 1994 Oldsmobile, I will now thank my lucky stars for it. (I usually duck and wear really big sunglasses...)
    So sorry my hubby can't come and fix that baby up for you. You need to live in MN. We got just as much snow as you have, so you would be right at home...

    We are all missing you, thinking about you, and hope you get those computer issues figured out soon. I fully understand. We limped along for a couple months last fall with our computer issues. And now I have no camera to get back to blogging... Sigh... And even if I did have a camera, now I have no time. I really thought I would have more time when my kids got older. Not less time!

    Thinking of you always,

  4. Hi,
    I am loving your packing partner! Is he for Sale? Ha, Ha!
    xxx Liz

  5. Hi! There's an award for you at my place!
    Hugs- Tete

  6. Hi Cheryl-just wanted to say hi. hope you are doing okay, and I'll be here when you get back.

  7. Girl, I almost know how you feel. My 1996 Ford Explorer is falling apart. Literally! The odometer stopped a long time ago at 200 and 7o something thousand miles. I know it's way past that. It's been a good one though. But the heater wasn't working this winter (thank goodness I live in Florida). Now I need a new water pump because it's wanting to over heat. I've got a tire leaking air, and the passenger window's not rolling down now. Not good to be without 2 windows for circulation now that it's getting hot and the air needs recharging. But I'm grateful to have something. I'll be glad when your's is back to running for you. I know how hard it feels to be stranded. Gas is so high we don't get out much except to see Nadine and we try to cram errands in at the same time.

    Just know I'm thinking of you and saying prayers. Love, Tracy :)

    P.S. Elliot Alex the Lion reminds me of my cat booger that died this year. Boy I miss him.


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