Mar 24, 2011

I'm Back, I'm Back, I'm Back ! ! !

How Happy I am to
Be Back!
Online that is....
3 months without internet at my place
just about drove me loopy....
Trouble with my phone company this week
had me in Tears,
Welcome to Earthlink ~
Dial up for now is Better than Nothing,
so I will be learning a lesson in
I am More than Ready to Party & catch up on
everything & everyone
I Have Missed
I'm ready to Party
3 Baby Bracelets I was asked to
make for a Sweet Little
Baby (5 months)
named Emma
The Ice may be gone, but the Freezing cold
is still here for at least the next week
Where Did Spring Go???
I live in the Upper, Small but Sweet
Thank You to All My Followers
Old & New
3 months was a Long time for me to be absent
and hardly on, Thanks So Much for
Sticking with Me.....

I am joining in this Weekend with
Vintage Inspiration Friday
Feathered Nest Friday
Home Sweet Home

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Make sure you stop by & visit
all the participants

Have a Wonderful Weekend



  1. Welcome back sweet girl!!!! so happy to see you post. We have rain and cold in Cali right now no likey:( Have a terrific week


  2. Welcome back! I have sooooo missed you on here every day! Doors are going to be opening...and just like the spring melts the winter away...your new blessings will melt away all your sorrows and replace them with more joy than you will know what to do with!
    Super big hugs- Tete

  3. Party Time! Cheryl is back!!!!!!! :)

    Fun to see your cute place! I love it! Looks so friendly!

    Those little bracelets are adorable too...she will be the sweetest little babe in those!

    I shouldn't be on here right now so I 'd better hurry! My lil sis will be here soon & I am going to babysit her 3 so it will be a busy morning!!!!

  4. The blogging world missed you so (me too)! Welcome back!

    Spring came here and left snow! I'm telling you - I can be packed in 15 minutes to move south!

    Hugs ~~ Connie

  5. Oh I adore your party time game~ swoon!

    I am currently hosting an auction of vintage and antique linen treasures. Stop by and take a peek.

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  6. Hi Cheryl, so glad you're back! What a great post with that "Party Time"! Hope Spring comes back soon, and thanks so much for coming to the party!

  7. Happy being back and glad you came by and shared at Feathered Nest Friday! Hope to see much more of you soon! :)

  8. Hey hon!!!!! It's so GOOD to see you post!!!! I'm so glad you're back, and please know you were missed and so loved!!! I hope all is good in your part of the world Cheryl ~ I look forward to seeing more of your posts girl! love you, Dawn

  9. Yeah!!!!!! You're back!!!!!!! Ive missed you- cant wait to catch up!

  10. So glad you are back with us! The little bracelets looks so sweet. How neat is your old party time album cover. Thanks for linking up!


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