Mar 22, 2011

Fun at Bubbie's

So Happy that I am at
My Daughter's today
able to check up on all the
Hub Bub
Post on My Blog....

Saturday night, this Bubbie
had her 3 Grands for the Night....
the girls are always the first ones
to see what Fun things
Bubbie has for Crafting....
I left them all to themselves to do what
they wanted & they made Button Jewelry
for Me & their Mommy....

Little Guy was happy to just play with anything
that looked like a
even My vintage Globe comes off it's stand
and turns into a Large Play Toy.....

Necklace by Eme (3) for Her
Mommy and below is a Bracelet for
her Sissy
This is a Bracelet by Mem (7)
for Her Mommy
This is the Beautiful Necklace that
Mem created for

I'm just the Happiest
Bubbie in the World

Have a Great Week,

Hope it is feeling like spring for You, we had a few nice days
but tonight we are expecting an Ice Storm....

Come On Spring, Stick Around



  1. Hey, girl! Those girls got your crafty talent for sure and all 3 are adorable! Glad you got some subway in you! I can't believe you are going to have a winter storm! We are supposed to go back to 40s for highs after tomorrow. It's 69 and cloudy here today. We had the windows open all night last night but it got pretty warm in here so had to run the ac for 1/2 hour before we went to bed to get it all cooled down for the night! Can you believe it?
    Well, I have been over doing it - so down for a nap I go!
    Have a great day!
    Hugs- Tete

  2. Cheryl!!!

    Your pictures gave me the biggest smile tonight! I love seeing those kiddos...& their jewelery! Love it! Those buttons & beads are just priceles!!!! Glad you are doing well & that you are getting time to love up those kiddos!!! Take Care Cheryl!


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